Prep Sport at TSS

The Preparatory School is first and foremost part of a Great Public School group. The whole of TSS firmly embraces the spirit of the GPS ‘Sporting Philosophy’. It is a tradition that is long standing and plays a vital role in the education and development of all involved. It helps instil school pride and a strong set of values within each and every boy.

The term ‘Preparatory’ is applied to our school because of the preparation that boys experience in their academic, cultural and sporting endeavours prior to entering Year 7. Full involvement is expected of all boys who attend TSS Prep. It is important that all boys see a full range of sports, and their involvement in it, as a vital part of their education and life at The Southport School. All should aspire to represent their school at the highest level.

Boys are able to select from Swimming, Cross Country, AFL, Athletics, Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, and Tennis.

From the Sportsmaster

Please inform Mr Robertson when you are competing in a sporting event outside The Preparatory School. With so many events on around the Gold Coast and Nationally it becomes very difficult to keep track of your results. Therefore drop me a line to my email or write down on a piece of paper your achievement and bring into my office. Thank you.

This is a snapshot of what is coming up in the next 3 weeks. Please contact me with any queries or concerns.

Andrew Robertson
Prep Sportsmaster
The Southport School
Winchester St
Southport, QLD 4215

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