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Our school motto encapsulates the nobility of endeavour, self sacrifice, courage and personal strength of character that is and always has been the core of the education philosophy of The Southport School.

The OSA’s desire is to encapsulate these qualities in every Old Boy of the School and foster a spirit of good fellowship amongst the Old Boys community to honour the progression of the School as the common ideal.

Through the OSA’s new online network tssoldboys.com.au you will be able to maintain ties with TSS and receive up-to-date information about functions and events.  Visit tssoldboys.com.au for more information.

What the Old Southportonians’ Association does...

The Primary Objectives of the OSA state;

  • Provide and administer bursaries

  • Make other donations of Association funds

  • Fosters a spirit of good fellowship between past and present boys of the school with the honour and progress of the school as the common ideal

  • Keeps alive old friendships and gives opportunities for reunions

  • Do all such acts and things that may be necessary to carry out and give effect to all and any of the above objects.


What can the OSA do for me?

  • Keep in touch with the OSA Online Community to remain in contact with class and school mates

  • Social Events including Reunions and the annual Old Boys’ Weekend

  • National and International Branch Network

  • OSA E-Newsletters & Magazines

  • Career Mentoring and Guidance

  • Network with 15,000 OSA Members

  • Financial assistance through Bursary support

  • Use of the School facilities (by appointment)

 You are the very essence of our Association. We encourage you to keep in touch and remain an active OSA member for the rest of your life. The benefit to you will be rewarding in many ways. Should your contact information change, please advise the OSA Office – osa@tss.qld.edu.au or log onto the TSS Old Boys website – www.tssoldboys.com.au and update your details.

Page Last Modified: Friday, 9 May 2014