From the desk of Reilly Gall – Use all your senses to gather data – Assembly speech

Reilly Gall

This week’s habit of mind is using all your senses to gather data. This is one of the lesser known habits of mind but I find it extremely relevant and useful. For me, it relates to economics where we learn about resource management. A business or economy must use ALL its resources effectively to be as productive as possible.

In terms of learning and studying, this habit of mind is important because, in order to learn to your capacity, you must study using a variety of sources. I’m talking about reading articles, having face to face conversations with your peers, watching videos, talking to people on the phone, reading books. Yes, Google is a really good tool but don’t just limit your study to searching stuff up on the internet: there are so many more ways to learn.

For example, when I was struggling to write this speech, I typed “use all your senses to gather data” into Google and all that came up was stuff like listening exercises and ways to smell your surroundings better, but I asked a few of my mates and teachers and managed to find some more relevant uses.

Anyway, I’ve recently learned that its an really useful Habit of Mind and you should utilise it with everything you do, not just school.

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