A Healthy Week on the Senior Campus

Mr Andrew Hawkins – Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

This week the Senior Campus has a major theme of Health and Wellness. We celebrated our annual Shave for a Cure day on Tuesday with a free clothes day and we ended up unfortunately having to turn boys away wanting to shave or colour their hair at the end of lunch as we simply ran out of time. I have noted for next year we will incorporate an Assembly and lunch time to maximise our shave and colour times for the boys.

While Shave for a Cure is a great cause to support Australians suffering from Leukemia, Father Jonathan talked in Assembly this week about the facets that make-up Health being emotional, psychological and physical. Father Jonathan emphasised the importance of not taking good health for granted. Our Wellbeing Festival this Thursday is an opportunity for boys to participate in over 20 different activities to encourage a healthy and fun day for all. These range for road cycling to fishing and everything in between – boy heaven!

On the theme of Health and our boys, I also wanted to discuss the importance of sleep in adolescents. Sleep is food for boy’s brains and vital to their well-being. Research is showing that teens need about 9 1/4 hours of sleep each night. Child Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg’s most recent talk on sleep said as many as 80% of teens are sleep deprived. The consequences for not getting enough sleep include limitations in their ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems. Sleep deprivation can also contribute to aggressive or inappropriate behaviour, poor diet, and even contribute to illness.  Michael Carr-Gregg also encourages us as parents to turn off electronic equipment earlier in the evening to avoid over-stimulation of the brain which that can contribute to insomnia. Research also says that we should attempt to make our child’s room a ‘sleep haven’ that is cool, dark and quiet.

So with a little more sleep, eating a little better, and getting regular exercise, our community is getting healthier one step at a time.

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