Aboriginal Art installed at Preschool

Over the past 2 years Preschool have been building relationships with a local Aboriginal man, known to the community as Uncle Boomerang. He comes to visit the Preschool boys frequently, sharing his knowledge on Aboriginal Culture, telling stories and facilitating art and craft activities. This term Uncle Boomerang has presented us with a piece of Aboriginal art designed especially for us. Here is its story:

The central figure is the symbol for a boy or young man.  This symbol is made up of one upside down U shape (similar to a boomerang or person sitting cross legged on the ground) which symbolises a person, the two vertical symbols adjacent to the left signify a boy or young man because the straight lines are of different sizes, one is smaller than the other larger in size, where the symbol for a man has two large straight lines of equal or same size.  The symbol for a boy is thought to be this way because the half size represents half grown or still yet not fully initiated into manhood.  I have used this central symbol as The Southport School Preschool is where our boys are taught as they move up through TSS school. Surrounding the central symbol are four similar U shape symbols with smaller circles surrounding them and these represent the educators, assistants and staff at the TSS Preschool as they wrap around during the boys daily learning. Above these in the upper section the two curve figures surrounded by circles represent parents and the six smaller ochre coloured dot circles represent other family members including Grandparents on both the Mother and Fathers sides of the family, these are people who impart important knowledge and life skills to the boy.  The lower central six circles of 3 various sizes which are surrounded by smaller dots moving outwards represent other students and class mates.  The two end sections represent this area starting from the coastal wetlands in the bottom right stretching up to the hinterland rainforest, the different coloured dots representing various traditional sites such as food, medicine, burial and sacred sites which are many and wide spread around this region.  These areas used traditionally by Aboriginal tribal groups of the Yugambeh language group that shared this area in South East Queensland and Northern NSW.  This art shows that we are still here and we are sharing cultural knowledge with the hope of bringing understanding, equity and respect.  A few of the tribal groups are: Mununjali to the West and Wangerriburra to the North West, Bullongin to the North, Kombumerri is Central, Birinburra and Minjungbal to the South East and Mingunburri to the South West.”

Aboriginal Artist: Paul Craft-Uncle Boomerang


TSS Preschool’s new Aboriginal Art


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