Are you looking for a way to support your academically able son who is overall an above average academic, but who has an inconsistent learning profile, that is, a specific problem with reading, writing, spelling or mathematics?

The program is suitable for children of average to above-average intellectual capability who have an inconsistent learning profile, but an underlying capacity to achieve and succeed. Students applying to take part in the program will undertake a full assessment to determine both their intellectual capability and suitability for the program.

The Head of Preparatory has recommended the program, and the Headmaster endorses the underlying research which is based on brain plasticity and other recent brain discoveries. Plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change structurally and in terms of function in response to environmental changes, especially in early childhood and adolescence. In Dr Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain that Changes Itself”, Chapter 2 outlines Barbara Arrowsmith’s successful endeavours to change her own brain to overcome a learning difficulty.

The Arrowsmith Program is also based on the research that shows that a weakness in one area of brain functioning can affect a complex function such as reading even though the other brain areas associated with that function are normal.

Hence, Arrowsmith is a cognitive program for average to above average students with specific learning disabilities including- reading, writing, mathematics, comprehension, logical reasoning, executive function, visual memory, auditory memory, dyslexia, non-verbal learning, auditory processing, and attention.

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Arrowsmith does not make a positive difference for below average academically able students, nor does it work for learning disabilities not listed in the paragraph above.

The Arrowsmith program has the potential to help students identify the underlying causes of their learning difficulty. An individualised, tailored intervention program is created which addressed the specific learning dysfunction profile of each student. Children of average and above average intelligence may experience difficulties in acquiring reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics (to name a few), which can cause frustration and disengagement from learning. The program has shown that it is possible for learners to change the way their brain works – to create new neural pathways and to overcome learning challenges.

At The Southport School we look forward to the opportunity to supplement our already innovative and comprehensive curriculum with the Arrowsmith program and to provide boys with the chance to reach their full learning potential.

Interested parents who are wanting to know more about the Arrowsmith Program at The Southport School are asked to register via email at [email protected]

Parents should include in the email

  • Parents full name
  • Contact phone number
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s current age
  • Child’s 2017 school grade (eg: – grade 3)
  • Current address
  • Brief history of the child’s educational journey

Information from the Arrowsmith website

The Arrowsmith program has over 30 years experience in demonstrating that it is possible for students to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning dysfunctions through a program of specific cognitive exercises.

The Arrowsmith Program identifies, intervenes and strengthens the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning. Students are able to capitalise on their increased learning capacities and after a three or four-year program can function without special education assistance or program accommodations.

Our program has proven effective for students having difficulty with reading, writing, and mathematics, comprehension, logical reasoning, problem-solving, visual and auditory memory, non-verbal learning, attention, processing speed and dyslexia.

The Arrowsmith Program is founded on two lines of research, brain plasticity research and research showing different areas of the brain working together are responsible for complex mental activities, such as reading or writing, and that a weakness in one area can affect a number of different learning processes.

Research in neuroscience is leading to new insights into the ways in which the brain changes in response to experience and points to the conclusion that the brain is not static but rather is dynamically changing and undergoes such changes throughout one’s entire life.

Interested parents are encouraged to visit the Arrowsmith website to explore more for themselves about the potential of the program and its suitability for their son.

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