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Each term we are happy to provide different travel options to help get our boarders back home, or welcome them back to school.

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Boarding at TSS

We are extremely proud to say that Boarding life has always been an integral feature of TSS since the first boarders arrived in 1909 into Thorold, McKinley and Delpratt Houses. The boarders bring to TSS particular personal qualities and give the School a soul, a life and sense of community.

Boarding has always been a tradition at TSS and recent upgrades provide some of the best boarding facilities in Australia. As well as our traditional intake from country areas we have boarders from all States and cities in Australia and international students from Asia, Europe, Middle East and the South Pacific.

Full boarding is available from Year 7 to Year 12 during term time only.

At TSS we have five Boarding Houses and group the boys vertically according to age groups. The only exception to this is Rogers House which is the School’s Junior Boarding House. There are many advantages of this system, the most obvious being that it permits the boys to mix not only with boys their own age but across age groups.

Boys entering one of the Senior School’s Boarding Houses remain in the House for all their years at TSS. This allows them to form long-lasting friendships, not only with boys their age but also with both younger and older boys. This system also ensures strong relationships are built between the resident staff, the boys, and their parents, providing a second home, in a communal environment. The education Boarding at TSS offers to every student is a broad one including the academic, cultural, sporting and recreational areas of a boy’s life.

Each of the five houses is equipped with recreation areas which include pool tables, table tennis tables, televisions with cable and other games. Students have access to the kitchen facilities which include toasters, fridges and microwave ovens.

The School has extensive computing facilities available to the boarders during the day, evening and weekends. A number of boarders choose to bring their own laptop from home which can be connected to the School network in the Boarding House. Each Boarding House has wireless internet to enable boarders to use the World Wide Web for research or to contact home.

In addition to our boarders, the School has approximately 35 Boarding staff on the property, with each Boarding House appointed with their own Housemaster, Assistant Housemaster and Matron. This arrangement helps facilitate a more family-like atmosphere amongst the entire Boarding community. The Headmaster and the Deputy Headmaster also reside within the School grounds.

One of the most positive aspects of Boarding is the pride the boys have in their community. I encourage your son to take advantage of the opportunities that exist at the School and in the Boarding community. By doing so, he will quickly feel part of an extended “family”.


Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 have dormitory style accommodation with their own private study area and students in Years 11 and 12 have their own private room for a quiet study environment. Over the past five years all of our Boarding Houses have been refurbished to make sure they meet the needs of our students.

Supervised Prep

Students from Years 8 to 10 undertake supervised prep in classrooms on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings with Mathematics and Humanities teachers. This initiative has increased the academic performance of our boarders.

Weekend Activities

There are various activities organised on the weekend including, but not limited to, movies, Sunday Surf bus (organised in First and Fourth Term only), Pacific Fair excursions, outdoor movie nights, trips to the golf driving range, surfing and stand up paddle boarding lessons, fishing trips, visits to our local theme parks Dream World, Sea World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Air Factory and Aqua Splash as well as disco nights with St Hilda’s School.

Dining Hall

The School has an active Boarding Catering Committee, involving students who meet each term to discuss the menu. Menus are assessed by a nutritionist and can be viewed each term via the School’s website. A permanent salad bar is available in the Dining Hall and can be accessed by all boarding students.

Rogers House

Students wishing to board in Year 7 are accommodated in a separate boarding House. Slight variations occur with the daily routine. However, general facilities and other details apply to Rogers House.

For further details regarding our boarding facilities and availability, please contact our Admissions Office on + 61 1300 877 269.


For more detailed information regarding the day to day details in boarding, please refer to our Boarding and Student Handbooks.




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