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Ms Jo Inglis – Deputy Headmaster, Head of Learning and Teaching

The New Senior Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) systems commenced last year with the class of 2020 – the first New QCE cohort – jump-starting their Yr12 studies in Term 4 2019. The class of 2020 is now in week 7 of Yr12 work to ensure thorough preparation for External Exams, which begin week 4 of Term 4. The staged academic calendar shift TSS has been undertaking over a period of four years now affords Yr12 students two full years of study for their Yr11 and Yr12 courses, which conclude at the end of Term 3 this year with ‘Mock Exams’ to assist students with the final preparation for External Exams, as well as targeted Academic Coaching in the first three weeks of Term 4.

Under the new QCE, the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) is responsible for school related matter; subject syllabuses, assessment including external exams and final results reporting. Parents and students are encouraged to explore QCAA resources on the new QCE.

Under the new QCE, the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) is responsible for determining the ATAR for eligible students, and all tertiary/university entrance matters. Parents and students are encouraged to explore QTAC resources on the new ATAR.

Yr8-12 Exam Block

As TSS completes the final steps of the staged academic calendar shift to ensure all students have the best opportunity for preparation for their Yr12 programs and assessment, Yr8-12 Exam Block takes place next week from Monday February 17. The Yr8-12 Exam Block Timetable has been emailed to all students and parents and linked to the TSS Master Calendar. Any absence from a Yr8-12 calendared exam must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate, provided to the Studies Department as soon as possible. Should a Medical Certificate not be provided, the Academic Grade for that subject will be recorded as ‘I’ – Incomplete.

Yr11 students will experience their first Exam Block for which attendance is only required for timetabled exams as Yr11 and Yr12 students may remain at home or in their boarding house for private study when they are not required for an exam. The Library is also available for private study. Full school uniform is required for all exams, and if, for whatever reason, Yr11 and/or Yr12 students are at school during exam blocks, they must be in full school uniform.

Yr10 students have been provided with their Exam Block planner, which designates some lessons as Study/Revision sessions, supervised by their usual classroom teacher. Yr10 students are required to attend school as normal every day of Exam Block, are required to attend Roll Call as usual every day, and then move their Calendared Exam or usual classrooms as required.

Yr8-9 Students attend school as normal during Exam Block and attend Calendared Exams as required and continue with classes as normal when not completing exams.

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