Franky Maroney-Vita | Written and presented at assembly

This week our Habits of the Mind focus is still on Be Clear When You Communicate. There is nothing more crucial than the ability to communicate clearly. The way you communicate plays a roll in the way others perceive you, your ability to work well in a team environment and most importantly; whether the goal/ purpose of what you are communicating is received as it was meant by the reader or listener. Thus, if you are a clear communicator the need for your audience to read between the lines or make assumptions will be eliminated.

In order to communicate clearly you must be: clear and sure about what you are trying to convey, you must be concise, your spelling, grammar and other writing elements must be correct, your message must be coherent and last but not least it should be courteous.

Clear, Concise, Correct, Coherent, Courteous. It’s as easy as the five C’s. If you are able to think of these five aspects of communication when writing an assignment, communicating on the field, court or board, or even when just talking with friends, family and colleagues it will stop parts of your message becoming distorted or being deleted thus leading to better marks, better relationships and you may just help your teammates score an extra try on the rugby field, make the winning move on the chess board, or get that final game winning shot.

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