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Mr Leigh Holtsbaum

The end of year is very near and whilst the boys are excited about the holidays they have been heads down and very busy studying hard this past week in preparations for their end of term exams. I have been very impressed with the Year 12 Valedictorians of Biddle House as they completed the ATAR external exams over the past four weeks. Speaking with the boys they are happy with the way everything played out and are confident they did their best. The boys have now all departed Biddle House to begin the next stage of life’s journey. We wish them all the best of luck and hope they return to Biddle in the future as Old Boy’s and maybe one day their sons will also have the fantastic opportunity live in Biddle House and wear the Red, White and Blue.

The boys in Year 8-12 (2022) have completed the first units of work for their subjects and are now completing their end of term exams. The boys have been working well during prep sessions and utilising Old Boys and A-Team tutoring to their advantage. I am always impressed to see small groups of boys in the house supporting each other and peer teaching at this time to get the most out each other. Peer teaching is one of the best ways boys learn helps to also solidify their content knowledge. The boys in Biddle do this very well and it shows in the results.

I spent some time looking at the Semester Two results of the Biddle House boys. Overall the boys in Years 7-11 had the best GPA average and Best Diligence in the School which is an amazing effort and make this Housemaster very proud. It is great to see lots of boys in the Onesy Club with an average diligence of below 2. Congratulations to Reggie Madden, Will Yang, Sam Savill, Will Cox, Jack Stockbridge, Murphy Baker, Joe Madden and Nick Doyle. The GPA Big Improvers with an improvement of 0.5 or better were Will Slack-Smith, Dru Wilson, Harry Sewell, Max Montgomery, Eddy Montgomery, Joe Madden and Timmy Yeung Packer. This is a great effort by these boys and showing the determination to improve their academic standard.

Last week during the Remembrance Day Assembly several Cadet Awards were presented. Jack Thornton received the ‘Best Platoon Award’ on behalf of 9.1 which in comprised of all the Year 9 Biddle boys and lead by Mrs Kristen Bannister. Jack Stockbridge was also recognised for his efforts presented the ‘Cadet Directors Award for Service to Cadets’. Well done boys.

Jack Stockbridge presented with his award by the Headmaster

This week the Biddle House Rogers boys joined Biddle for the first time and spent two nights in Manwaring. The Year 12 boys had some activities with the boys and it was awesome to see the house come together for Touch and BBQ on Wednesday night. It was also a great opportunity for the Rogers boys to get a feel for the house and learn the routine for next year. It has certainly reduced some anxiety and the boys are looking forward to next year.

Year 8 Biddle boys from Rogers enjoying morning tea in the House.

On the sports field many Biddle boys have been enjoying the preseason summer sports trainings. Boys have been out on the Nerang River Rowing and Sailing, in the pool Swimming and in the nets for Cricket. Unfortunately, the Rowing season has had to deal with some poor conditions and many trails have been postponed. However, a new event on the Nerang River saw our archrivals Nudgee travel to Southport for friendly race around Chevron Island the boys had a great day with most of the Nudgee boys, staff and parents in awe of the facility and location that our rowers get to enjoy on a daily basis. Cricket has also had its fair share of bad weather with lots of rain around.

Around the house the boys have also been active with many playing the skillful game of chess, Mr Pook currently holds the title but is willing for any boys to try toppling his king. Others have been enjoying some fishing, surf bus, 10 pin bowling and many various activities with St Hilda’s including socials, mixed touch football and dance classes.

Will Cox enjoying the Year 11 Dance classes

Next Wednesday at the House BBQ we will see the tradition of Secret Santa maintained which is generally enjoyed by the boys and taken very light heartedly. It is always enjoyable to sit back and watch the fun unravel with some very funny and oddly interesting presents given each by the boys. All in good fun and great way to start the festive season.

Next week we will farewell and thank Mr Jason Sten as Assistant Housemaster of Biddle House. Over the past year Jason has worked to ensure that the boys of Biddle House have been cared for and all the boys felt at ease in their home away from home. Jason has also been instrumental in getting the Biddle boys involved in the TSS Army Cadet program and I hope this relationship continues well into the future. We wish you the best of luck as you, Taryn and Cruz move 50 meters away to Rogers House.

Finally, thank you to all the staff, parents and boys for being part of this great House in 2021, I wish all the Biddle House families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you all on Australia Day in 2022.

Leigh Holtsbaum

I hope you enjoy the Christmas lights on display that were set up by the boys.


Farewell Biddle House – Mr Jason Sten

Term Four brings to a close a very rewarding year as Assistant Housemaster of Biddle House. My family and I have been warmly welcomed into the House this year and I thank both the boys and our parents for this. Being part of a House is very special, you get to see the boys in their home, see how they interact with each other and see the good and the bad days. As a new-comer to Education, this has been an invaluable year for me to get to knows how the boys operate and get to understand boarders “from the inside”. This has helped me in developing the cadet and Leadership programs as I watch, listen and have learnt from my experience.

This year in Biddle, we’ve been working on Resilience, developing and improving resilience in all the things they do, whether that be sport, academics, dealing with hard times and helping mates along the way. I am very proud of the maturity that the Biddle boys have developed over this year in developing their resilience.

I would like to thank Leigh for his leadership and mateship through out the whole year. Biddle is very lucky and in good hands under his guidance and leadership. 

I am not moving from boarding but into Rogers House where I can work with the newest members of TSS, so I will keep contact with the boys and their brothers if they are still to join us at the school.

Merry Christmas to you all and hope you have a happy new year. 

Jason Sten 

Assistant Housemaster Biddle / Director of Cadets

Biddle boys on Army Cadet Camp doing the Raw Challenge.

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