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Term 4, Week 4

Mr Nicholas Stansbie – Biddle Housemaster

Term 4 continues to fly by, but it is important to reflect on some notable achievements by many of our boys.

The Primus Octaginta from Term 3 is the list of the top 80 students in each year level.  Boys are listed in groups of 10, according to their achievement, each group in alphabetical order.  It made great reading for a number of Biddle boys, several of whom made the list for the first time, or for the first time in several years.  This is a testament to their continued hard work, commitment to improving, and of their resilient response to feedback – they learn from their mistakes and try hard not to repeat them.  Congratulations, boys!

Year 7

Viginti (11-20):                Saxon Luke and Joe Madden

Triginta (21-30):             Murphy Baker

Sexaginta (51-60):          Toby Humphries


Year 8

Decem (1-10):                 Harvey Houlahan

Viginti (11-20):                Charlie Blok, Max Mitchell

Quadraginta (31-40):     Lachlan Dougherty, Harry Wells

Sexaginta (51-60):          Charlie White

Septuaginta (61-70):      Nick Bowen

Octaginta (71-80):          Ben Lei


Year 9

Triginta (21-30):             Reilly Baker

Sexaginta (51-60):          Cameron Vele

Octaginta (71-80):          Hunter Houlahan, Nico McGregor


Year 10

Viginti (11-20):                Declan Attenborough, Max Lambie

Quadraginta (31-40):     Harry Blok

Quinquaginta (41-50):    Tom Watts

Sexaginta (51-60):          Lachlan Christie-Adams

Septuaginta (61-70):      Jason Li


Year 11

Decem (1-10):                 Wilson Blyth

Viginti (11-20):                Matty Robinson

Triginia (21-30):              Harry Cox

Quadraginta (31-40):     Charlie Bindon and Dan Bowen

Quinquaginta (41-50):   Justin Brunskill and Alex Salikin

Septuaginta (61-70):      Hugh Knudsen


Year 12

Decem (1-10):                 Jeffrey Chen and Wayne Chiu

Quadraginta (31-40):     Sandy Hickson and Andrew Tauber

Quinquaginta (41-50):    Josh Baker

Octaginta (71-80):          Liam Phelps


I cannot let this week pass without recognising a couple of highlights:

Anyone who has seen the movie Chariots of Fire, will know of the Clocktower Run.  Originally conceived at Trinity College Cambridge, the idea was to run around the quadrangle before the clock finished chiming.  Our very own versions of Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell, aka Charlie Blok and Mr Owen Morris represented Biddle in the Staff vs Boys race, and as usual the boys took the honours.

Jeffrey Chen in Y12 took part in the X and Y Factor Talent Show, finishing runner up with a stellar performance of a Bruno Mars song.  No-one knew Jeffrey had this hidden talent, but both the TSS and St Hilda’s communities very much appreciated the fact that he was prepared to share his talent with us all and their standing ovation spoke volumes!

Don’t forget – all of the photos we take in Biddle are uploaded to our Flickr page, which you can access here 

Many thanks to those who have bought their tickets for the House Supper on Sunday – we are looking forward to seeing everyone there for a great afternoon.

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