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Ashley Crook, Biddle Assistant Housemaster

Well it is almost the end of Semester One. The first semester has gone very fast as I am sure the next one will too. The boys are eagerly awaiting the holidays and will no doubt sleep for a few days before engaging in any significant activities. The Senior boys have been great role models for the younger boys with their very good time management and application towards their study routine. As I write this newsletter article a large group of Biddle boys are playing soccer in the rain on the River Ovals, having a great time with heaps of laughs – the perfect activity to combine physical activity and being social at the same time.

Soccer and Tennis have their last games this weekend and we wish all the teams well in their final matches against Churchie. We congratulate all the Biddle boys who have represented a team this term and committed to training sessions and games. Well Done. Next term the TSS Rugby juggernaut commences and Basketball will field many teams as well. The boys have been training for selection teams and are all looking forward to a big season. I am impressed with all the boys dedication towards their sporting commitments, and find the boys easy to coach, as they are committed to learn new skills and get better in their chosen sport.

In addition, the high level of camaraderie in these sporting teams is nothing short of excellent. The boys in sporting teams learn so much more than just the physical skills and game tactics, the social skills developed is an imperative life skill for them. Next term Nick will be coaching a Rugby team and I will be coaching a Basketball team.


The Semester Two academic reports will be available for you soon and as always, please read the teacher comments and achievement grades and have a conversation with your son on his progress thus far. If there are any areas of improvement please discuss plans of improvement with him and ask “how could this grade/comment be improved”. Place the emphasis on him taking ownership of any future improvements. Please contact the subject teacher if you are unsure of a grade or comment.

Biddle 2 Mentor Group. L-R, Wylie Cullimore, Harry King, Charlie Rasheed and Justin Brunskil enjoying a Zarraffa’s Coffee Voucher for excellent and prompt attendance in morning roll call.

Recently Couper Baskus in Year 9 represented TSS in the First 7 Gymnastic Team in the carnival at Brisbane Grammar School last Saturday in a very strong completion. His fellow Beck Hall mates in Nico McGregor and Riley Baker showed great mateship and joined him on the bus and supported him from the sidelines. Couper performed strongly in the floor, vault, pommel and high bar routines. There is a great clip of Couper on the high bar on the Biddle Facebook page. Worth seeing! Couper’s mother introduced him to the sport and he has not looked back. He has stated that he loves the sport because “you can always get better” and that “I am always trying to perfect a routine.” This reminds me of a surfer in search for the perfect wave and clearly indicates that he is developing a growth mindset in his thinking and appreciation of the sport. Couper has suggested that he would like to attend the National Gymnastics Championships in the years to come. We all wish Couper the very best in his gymnastics.

The First team achieved second overall, which is an outstanding achievement, and all gymnasts and coaches are too congratulated.

Couper Baskus, Year 9.


A few housekeeping matters from Nick and myself.

  • Resident Staff Member Mr Rhys Ibbott, will be leaving Biddle House at the end of this term. Rhys is moving into university study and will be surely missed by the boys and fellow duty staff. Rhys has worked at Biddle for two years and the boys always love it when Mr Ibbott is on duty. Good luck in your new adventures Rhys.
  • If your son indicates that he does not have any of the TSS uniform such as an Akubra hat or TSS rain jacket – these can be purchased from the Uniform Shop in the Centenary Centre.
  • The Biddle active wear (singlets, shorts and cap) have been ordered and should arrive in early Term Three.
  • The photos that many of the parents sent Nick early this term have been printed and are proudly framed and hanging around the boys dorms. They look great. If you have any more picturesque landscapes of your home regions we would love to put more photos up. Please send the high-resolution photo to Nick’s email.
  • Year 8 boy, Baxter Allport has left TSS this week. We wish Baxter all the very best at his new school in all aspects of schooling and hope he remains friends with many of the Biddle boys.
  • Many thanks for your ongoing support for Nick and myself throughout the semester with all the many challenges the boarding life entails. Nick, Jules, and the boys will enjoy a holiday back home in England. Sarah, the girls and I will enjoy time away 4WDing and camping in the Grafton area and a trip down at Mount Buller.

Enjoy your time with your son/s over the mid-year holiday and we will see you all in Term Three.


“Biddle Boy in Focus”

Tom Watts

Year: 10

Birthplace: Townsville, QLD.

Future Dream Job: Professional Cricketer for Australia

Favourite Sport: Cricket

Siblings: two, a sister and a brother

Years Boarding 5

Best part of boarding: The boys!

Proudest TSS Moment: Getting accepted into The Southport School

Most embarrassing moment: Dropped a sitter (catch) in cricket against Toowoomba GS

Three words that describe me: Talkative, Competitive and Happy

Random fact about me: I was once 14th man for the Queensland Bulls Cricket Team

Favourite Holiday Destination: Surfers Paradise


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