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Ashley Crook |  Biddle Assistant Housemaster

Dear Biddle Community,

Well the boys have progressed into Term 3 with much gusto and are clearly working hard. There are exams looming in most subjects, which necessitates hard work during prep/homework time in the evenings. I have said it before yet the Senior boys’ strong work ethic is great for the other boys to model for future years. Our Year 12 boys, Hugh, Harry, Scott, Josh, Sandy, Wayne, Andrew, Liam, Cormac, and Jeff are fine young men and the experiences that they have and are continuing to learn as a Senior Boarder will serve them well in future years.

The Biddle active wear has arrived for the new boys and they look great in the bright Biddle colours of green, red and yellow. No-one will miss a Biddle boy during the athletics carnival in a couple of weeks. Thanks Zac Sezer, Year 11, (below) for the recent modeling shot!

Zac Sezer, Year 11

This week sees the whole school assembly in celebration of the boys academic successes. It is with great pride that I can name the Biddle boys who achieved a place on the “Primus Octoginta” and for a select few, on the TSS Dean’s List for this Semester.

The Primus Octoginta is the Top 80 students in each year level across all subject areas and to qualify for the Dean’s List a student must receive 6 A’s and or Top 20 Primus Octoginta in Year 7, 8 & 9, 5 A’s and or Top 20 Primus Octointa and 4 A’s and or Top 20 Primus Octoginta. The Biddle staff are extremely proud of the following boys listed below and we congratulate the Biddle boys who achieved personal best scores and very good diligence score as well.

Year 8

Dean’s List

Charlie Blok and Harvey Houlahan

Primus Octoginta

Harvey Houlahan (Group 1-10 students)

Charlie Blok (Group 11-20 students)

Lachlan Dougherty (Group 21-30 students)

Harry Wells (Group 41-50 students)

Nicholas Bowen (Group 51-60 students)

Corbin Parker (Group 71-80 students)

Year 9

Primus Octoginta

Reilly Baker (Group 41-50 students)

Couper Baskus (Group 51-60 students)

Zender Liao (Group 71-80 students)-*

Year 10

Dean’s List

Maxwell Lambie

Primus Octoginta

Maxwell Lambie (Group 11-20 students)

Declan Attenborough (Group 21-30 students)

Harry Blok (Group 31-40 students)

Lachlan Christie-Adams (Group 31-40 students)

Tom Watts (Group 31-40 students)

William Muir (Group 41-50 students)

Jakub O’Grady (Group 51-60 students)

Year 11

Dean’s List

Wilson Blyth, Harry Cox and Matthias Robinson

Primus Octoginta

Wilson Blyth (Group 1-10 students)

Harry Cox (Group 11-20 students)

Daniel Bowen (Group 21-30 students)

Matthias Robinson (Group 21-30 students)

Hugh Knudsen (Group 41-50 students)

Charlie Bindon (Group 61-70 students)

Justin Brunskill (Group 61-70 students)

Alexander Salikin (Group 61-70 students)

Year 12

Dean’s List

Joshua Baker, Jeffrey Chen and Wayne Chiu

Primus Octoginta

Jeffrey Chen (Group 1-10 students)

Wayne Chiu (Group 1-10 students)

Sandy Hickson (Group 31-40 students)

Andrew Tauber (Group 31-40 students)

Joshua Baker (Group 41-50 students)

Liam Phelps (Group 71-80 students)


Finally, we look forward to Monday, August 14 which is the date of the TSS House Athletics. The venue is at Griffith University and I am sure the completion will be high. Biddle House are currently positioned 4th in the overall House rankings and the boys are pumped up for a big day! During Health and PE lessons there has been Athletic coaching and testing which will serve the boys well in their events.

Nick and I wish you well and once again, congratulations to the Biddle boys listed above.

Biddle Boy in Focus

Andrew Tauber, Year 12

Birthplace: Auckland, NZ

Future Dream Occupation: Actuary

Nicknames: Taubs or The Taubinator.

Favourite Sport: Rugby

Siblings: Sister

Years Boarding: ¾ of a year

Best part about boarding: That it is home away from home.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Rugby, Cadets, Sony Camp, Round Square.

Three words to describe me: Hard working, Quiet and Friendly.

Favourite Animal: Dog

Random Fact about me: I was in the 2nd Eight Rowing Team.



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