Be Precise and Accurate

Bill Donaldson – Year 12 Student

The habit of mind for this fortnight is “be precise and accurate”, in simple terms, accuracy refers to doing an action correctly, and precision means you can repeat the action over and over again. If you can master this into a habit, you will accomplish great things with whatever your mind is set on.

You can filter this habit on mind into many aspects of your life. And I guarantee you will improve these aspects if you focus on being accurate and precise. I personally try my best to be as accurate as possible in my studies at school. I always check over all my assignments multiple times to ensure I have not made any mistakes.

The firsts tennis team is a prime example of being accurate and also precise. Max McCarthy practices his serves at least 7 hours a day. Practicing the same movement over and over again. All 4 boys must place their shots in the perfect spot on the court this weekend in order beat Ippy, and regain their seat back on the top the ladder.

So, overall boys, keep in mind being actuate and precise throughout the next week and see what improvements you make. I will be interested to know what you boys can achieve

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