Cerebral Palsy Round Square Community Visit

Mr Fergus Trevethan – Year 1 Teacher

On Friday last week, Mrs Chapman (Year One Teacher), my student teacher Kim and I took a bunch of Round Square boys up to the Cerebral Palsy League in Southport. It never ceases to amaze me at how our boys step-up when it comes to engaging in our local community.

It was wonderful to see Sid Bradnam reading the ‘Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly’ to a profoundly disabled young woman who was non-verbal, in a wheelchair, yet able to hear and it was her favourite book.

It was just as impressive to watch Ethan Melton playing guitar that only had three strings! to another wheel chair bound, non-verbal young person. The clincher for me, was when four or five students started painting pictures with clients of the CPL, they weren’t asked to, the just joined in and enjoyed their time with people who couldn’t communicate back to them. Together with Tom McClintock playing a beautiful piece on the oldest electric piano in existence.

All the students represented themselves, their school and their families to the highest degree and I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts, as confronting as it can be sometimes.

Thank you all again for your support of the Round Square community initiatives. I really do appreciate it and it couldn’t happen without everyone coming together to support such wonderful organisations in need.

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