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Mrs Elizabeth Cookson-Butler, Health Centre Nurse

Cough and Colds seem to have arrived early and the boys are sneezing furiously around school.

Rest assure we are handing out large volumes of strepsils, garlic horseradish and vitamin c, and paracetamol to help fight the virus and boost their immune system and prevent the cold from getting too overwhelming.

Viruses don’t respond to antibiotics and regular fluids and paracetamol will help to relieve the symptoms instead. Coughing is to be encouraged as it helps to clear the lungs of all the mucus and prevents a chest infection or further complications.  Using 2 pillows to elevate the head and chest at night can help with the nasal drip that many experience and our wonderful matrons may be able to help out with the extra requests. Honey is great for soothing the throat and easily available in school, we produce our own, and over the road.

If your son calls you to say he is unwell please can you encourage him to come and see us in the health centre as we can often fix the problem quickly and continue to treat them throughout the day. If your son is asthmatic please ensue he has Ventolin at school and a spacer as their need may will increase as the weather gets cooler particularly in the morning and evening.

Exam stress and poor sleep are areas we consider at this time of year and we are very fortunate to have Stacey Pratt the School Based Youth Health Nurse who can give the boys some effective strategies to help them with this. The boys can come along to the health centre to see her or you can refer them yourselves. She can see the boys individually or as a group whichever works for them.

Stacey’s contact details are:


Telephone: 0428 683735

Mouth Guards

With the looming start to the rugby season we have plenty of mouth guards in stock if the boys need them, the cost is then added to their termly fees along with any pharmacy goods required during the term. We can also arrange for a mouth guard to be made with a local dentist if you require one just let us know.



Whilst we endeavour to respond to your emails and phone calls there is only one nurse on duty for the majority of the day and we will get back to you ASAP. It may just take a while as our first priority is to your sons and ensuring they are well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.


Telephone 07 5531 9927


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