Year 9 Science: Deadly Australians

Mr Joshua McQueen – Assistant Head of Science

On Tuesday, February 6, our Year 9 boys were treated to a presentation by “The Deadly Australians”. This is a program where Australia’s most dangerous and venomous wildlife, e.g. snakes, spiders, and marine creatures are discussed. Presenter Mark, worked with 3 classes of year 9 boys at a time where he shared a host of interesting facts, curious habits and little known ‘secrets’ about each of the animals he brought in. He also made it fun by having volunteers come forward to be a part of the presentation and shared a lot of jokes as part of his informative, yet humorous presentation. This coincided well with the first part of the Year 9 program, where students learnt about ecosystems and some of the adaptations made by various organisms which aided in their survival.

Students were also taught about some of the first aid measures if ever stung/bitten by various organisms – this will be of great value if ever in such a position!

The session culminated with a series of questions from the boys and an opportunity for the boys to get their hands on a snake!

Lastly, given that the presentation also fell on the day that the school was raising money for a Round Square initiative, Mark was very happy to see so much support for it and has kindly offered to donate $1 for each student who attended the presentation. This adds to a huge total of in excess of $150 – which we know will be well received in an effort to support the local Musgrave School in their quest to host their swimming carnival here at TSS. Thanks to Mark for this grand act of generosity.

Thanks too, to all the boys and staff in attendance for your engagement in the presentation. We hope you enjoyed it.



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