Dean of Boarding

Term 4, Week 4

Mr Tony Watt -Dean of Boarding

Formal Dinner

This week saw the boarding community come together for our termly formal dinner. Prior to the banquet, boys and staff participated in the annual Clock Tower run. This activity involves a staff member and a boy from each House as they run an old cross-country course around the iconic tower. Unsurprisingly the boys were victorious as Ben Gibson won with ease, but I might add they were never in danger as Ben recently won the state under 17 800m title.

After the run, the boys attended the dinner where we recognised an incredible milestone with Dotty in the kitchen reaching 50 years of service. Our school captain, Jim Chapman, acknowledged this achievement with a wonderful speech before presenting her with a gift from the boys. Jim’s speech read:

I would like to take this moment on our last formal dinner to make a special recognition  and celebration of Dorothy (Dotty) Coolwell, as she reaches her 50th year of passion, commitment and love for the school – a lifetime of service, surely an unrepeatable feat.  As I have been here all but 5 years, I asked around to some of our longest standing teachers to find a bit more about Dotty, and the responses I got, put Dotty as lady of complete compassion, dedication and survivor of the ever-changing school and kitchen environment.

Just think of the numbers involved –  3 meals a day x 7 days x 36 weeks x an average boarder population of 150 x 50 years = 5.6 million meals! Initially, the kitchen was an ‘in-house’ business… she will remember managers like Ron Porter, who apparently ruled with an iron fist & demeanour to match! The move to Alliance has been relatively recent… with new bosses, new uniforms, new procedures, more new staff…. yet more chances to adapt to! She’s a survivor… many have come & gone in her time.. Yet she has outwit, outlast and outplayed as she continues to show her love for the boys.

Dotty, could you please come forward to receive a gift from Harry Smith on behalf of the TSS boarding community. Could we please have a round of applause for Dotty for her 50th year at the Southport School.


During the evening, our Head boarder Harry Smith, also facilitated a sharing session with soon to be graduating seniors. Hugh Scott, Angus Giles, Hugh McNamee and Mitch Lovett all sat on the ‘reflection couch’ where Harry asked the boarders a number of questions. It was well received by the boys and great to see our senior able to demonstrate heart felt emotions on what TSS had meant to them.

The remainder of the term week by week:

Week 4 (23/10) – normal classes

Week 5 (30/10)  –  Wed – yr 7-10 exam period; Fri 11 – 12 exams

Week 6 (6/11)    –  Yr 11 – 12 exams Mon- Wed

–  Year 10 Outdoor ed camp / China– compulsory

– Yrs 7-9 – start next years work – Monday

– Yr 11s start next years work –  Thursday

– Yr 12s alternate program until graduation

Week 7 (13/11)  – Yr 12 Valedictorian dinner (Thurs) RSVP to me

– Yr 12  Graduation (Fri)

–  Yr 10 return Thurs and then alternate program to year end.

Week 8  (20/11)  –  Yr 11 QCS trial Wed

–  Thursday (last day)- Normal classes yr 7-11 p 1-4 & then Speech Day for all

Year 12 End of Year

As the year draws to a close for our senior cohort, the below table summarises the core activities for them.  Greater details can be found from correspondence sent by Mr Mike Wallace.

Friday 10th Monday 13th Tuesday 14th Wednesday 15th Thursday 16th
Wet n Wild

Depart school 9:00am

Return to school 3:00pm

Choose one of

·      Defensive Driving

·      RSA

·      RSG

·      Barista Course

·      First Aid/CPR


Choose one of

·      Barista Course

·      Etiquette Course


T Bones Father and Son Surf Boat Regatta

9 – 12am

Graduation Practice

Graduation Practice

ABSA Audit of TSS Boarding

The audit has been completed and we look forward to sharing elements of this with you in the next edition when it becomes available.

We wish each boarding house a memorable and wonderful House Supper.

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