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Delpratt Boarding Bulletin Week 7

Mr Conan Bland – Delpratt Housemaster

We look forward to seeing many parents this coming weekend at the Boarder Welcome Service, Head of the River this Sunday and the Delpratt Annual Chapel Service. As mentioned in recent correspondence, if you are unable to make the House Chapel on Sunday, the Boarder Welcome Chapel BBQ on friday is a great way to meet parents from other houses.

  • Boarder Welcome Chapel (all boarding families) –  is on Friday 15th 530pm Chapel. 630pm – BBQ Dinner and refreshments in Old Gym Café
  • The Delpratt Annual Chapel Service is on Sunday 17th at 10am.  It is expected that all Delpratt students should attend if possible

The Head of the River this coming weekend is one of the most eagerly awaited activities on our annual calendar. All the early mornings, the hard work and the gritty training sessions, culminate in this one day, where the boys will leave it all on the water one final time.

The very best of luck to the following boys participating in Head of The River this weekend. A particular mention has to go Lockie Mactaggart for selection as cox of the First VIII – a testament to two years of hard work.

Team Building and Cohesion

On Thursday last week, we took the Year 8 students on a mystery trip. After being told to be at the bus turn-around at 6:15pm, I drove them into Surfers Paradise and told them that we were going to be completing a team-building activity. Being vague to Year 8 boys is not always a great idea, as it always seems to invite thousands of guesses and questions.  By the time I had parked the bus, my resistance to interrogation had been depleted and I was ready to spill the beans. However, a short diversion to McDonalds was enough for the boys to forget about the impending activity and all questions were temporarily halted as they consumed ice cream and gravy loaded fries. When they had eaten we walked to our destination at “Padlocked Escape Rooms” which is a puzzle room activity centre – a perfect place for the boys to improve their ability to work as a team.

I have created a short video below of the activity. Overall, we are really proud of the way the boys respectfully communicated, solved problems and made group decisions during the activity.

One of our Year 9 boys, Murdoch, had to spend a few days in hospital recently and we could clearly see his mates were missing his presence in the boarding house. So, on Monday I took a couple of his friends (Finn, Cooper and Zac) to visit him in the hospital. On the way to hospital, the boys were talking about how close they are as a year group. They were discussing what they were going to do after they leave school, and that regardless of distance, how they will resolve to being life-long friends.

When asked why they thought their year group was so strong, the boys came up with the following responses:

Finn – “I think what makes our year group strong is where everyone in the year has each others back. Taking an interest in others even though they may not be shared”.

Cooper – “We just all get out there and sharing experiences. Helping each other if they need anything such as sharing your clothes or food“.

Zac – “We all maintain a good sense of humour and find time to still have a laugh when things are hard”.

We arrived at the hospital and spent about an 30 minutes with Murdoch who was pleasantly surprised by the visit and you could certainly tell that it cheered him up. On the way home, I asked the boys what they thought the visit meant to Murdoch.

Zac –He looked surprised as it must be hard that he is hospital on his own for 3 days and nothing to do. He was clearly glad to see us which was nice to see. I have known Murdoch since I started preschool when we were 5

Cooper – “I think Murdoch lit up when he saw us. He was clearly happy. I think going to see one of the boys who is in hospital shows kindness. It was good to see him as he has been missed by all of us boys. We all get along as we are always around each other

Finn – Going to see Murdoch in hospital is an example of how we maintain a band of brothers. Speaking from experience as someone who has spent a fair bit of time in hospital, I would say it would have lightened up his day because he would of got a massive surprise and it is easy to get lonely when you are on your own. Our year group is a close group of mates”.


Student Profile – James Ware

Co-Sports Captain Report on House Swimming

My name is James Ware and I am currently in grade 12 and have been at TSS since grade 8.​ I was born in Brisbane, Australia but lived my early childhood in Hong Kong because of my dad’s job as a pilot. I picked up some great skills there that taught me how to study efficiently and get around places by my self. My dad had met some good friends while in the Air Force and believed that TSS would teach me the values that he saw in them. With that I took the quick 8 hour flight to Gold Coast, Australia and began my journey at TSS. It didn’t take long for me to settle in with the great bunch of boys that I had around me and the years passed like days. I have had so many great experiences in boarding with both the boys in my grade and those around me. In grade 8 I had the honour of playing Auld Lang Syne in-front of the house for the Delpratt house supper which I have continued to do every year and hope to pass down to my younger siblings. 

My leadership roles in the school are Delpratt ​sports captain and the TSS Swimming vice-captain. As the sporting captain I manage all of the house clusters along with Hunter Beirne and make sure that everyone is participating, whether it be supporting or competing. As the vice-captain for swimming I make sure that all of the boys stick together as a team, encourage them to train, support and give advice when the swim. In my academic studies I currently study Maths B, English, Physics, Math C, Chinese and Accounting, and by the end of grade 12 I am aiming to achieve an OP of 4. ​The legacy that I want to leave at the school when I graduate is to be remembered as someone who was kind, caring and supportive towards your peers, tried to get involved in as many activities as the school provided and someone who put maximum effort in everything that was put in my path.

As I am the sports captain of Delpratt I am obliged to report how the house went at our recent swimming carnival. I am very proud of all of the boys for swimming on the day whether it was an individual race or the 25m fun swim. With everyone in the house competing in every single event we were able to beat Thorold house by 1 point. There were many great performances on the day including; Tray stepping up last minute to compete in the 50m freestyle G division, stepping way out of his comfort zone and Pat Richards placing high in all of his events. After a hard days work we were awarded with 8th place, not a bad result seeing as the majority of the swimmers in the house graduated last year. The house is now moving on from swimming and aiming to retain our title of cross-country champions for the third year in a row, with the boys doing two laps around the school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Only after a few week we seen some massive improvements from the likes of Danny Vega, who decreased his time from over 30 minutes to only 25 minutes.

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