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Term 4, Week 7

Mr Conan Bland – Delpratt Housemaster


The last six weeks have been a time of great excitement and anticipation for our Valedictorians. School events that signal the end of their time at TSS, have come and gone – their final classes, final exams, their last chapel service, final assembly, final BBQ and then of course, their graduation. With so many regular routines, coming to a close, it has been time for these boys to reflect on their years in boarding, the relationships they have formed with students and staff, the parts of their time here they are going to miss, and perhaps those things they are not. Even though, they are often looking forward to the day of their graduation, we also noticed they have made the most of their last six weeks, by being in the moment, enjoying each others company as a group for the last time, spending more time sitting down and talking, paying attention to those small things they have taken for granted for so long. We have seen the bonds in this group grow stronger, and they have finished well. 

On Graduation day, I looked towards each of the boys as they prepared for their name to be read and walk up on the stage. I noticed that some boys appeared assured, confident, while others looked nervous… and a couple producing a wry smile, indicating their relief to have made it. I am proud of each and every one of these boys and I wish them the very best of luck in the start to post-school life.

So… what does 2020 hold for our Valedictorians…

  • Anthony Apana – moving to university in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth to study Petroleum Engineering
  • Jack Atthow – moving to NT as a Jackeroo
  • Hunter Beirne – moving to Brisbane studying a trade.
  • Hugh Chandler – moving to Isisford as a Jackeroo
  • Hamish Dight – moving to Brisbane to study Advanced Finance at UQ
  • Jeremy Kelly – moving to Isisford as a Jackeroo
  • Ben Owen – moving to Brisbane – UQ and study Business
  • Ben Stuart – moving to Cloncurry as a Jackeroo
  • James Ware -moving to Brisbane – UQ and study Commerce



Below is a photo of 2019 and 2020 House Captains. The first photo taken in 2015, and the second this year during the House official hand-over assembly.

It is now time for the Year 11 boys to pick up the very hefty responsibility of leading the House. It will not be easy, and will no doubt require correction at times from Housemasters and Resident Masters.  It is important to remember that although we have our elected House officials, every Year 12 boy is a leader next year – some have been voted in by their peers though all boys have the burden of responsibility to be role models for the younger Delpratt students and all of them, whether they desire the opportunity or not, will be in a position to influence the culture of the House.

We also welcome the Year 7 students from Rogers House as they transition into Year 8. They will have their first sleepover this week in the House and will be given a tour by the 2020 seniors. The boys also informed them of their responsibilities in the House such as duties, supper and respect (for peers, House and school).

Final House Community BBQ

A very special Delpratt tradition is to invite Year 12 parents to our final House BBQ. The weekly BBQ has been a huge part of the boys lives for many, many years and it was lovely for our Year 12 parents to be able to share in this moment, and see why this regular routine, particularly in Delpratt House. On a regular BBQ night, you will find almost every boy out of the House for at least two hours. Some playing touch football, some basketball, others chatting on the park benches or standing around the BBQ area enjoying each others company. Crucially, they are all off their phones and devices. A huge thanks again to the Owen family for providing the beautiful steaks!



A few housekeeping points to share with you all as we prepare to exit the House and then return in 2019.

  • End of Term Arrangements were to be submitted to REACH no later than Monday, 24 November – 8pm. This practice has served us well to ensure all transport and pickups are checked and no one gets left behind.
  • We understand that there will more than a few of our boys remaining for the rowing camp which commences the first week of holidays, lucky boys. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that they will be staying in Delpratt. Therefore, all boys will need to pack their belongings up before the final day of the term. We can arrange storage for the excess gear, in the upper storage room. Otherwise all gear must be cleared from rooms on the morning of the 28 November (Thursday).
  • As a rule, we have plenty of space for school uniforms to be hung up in Matron’s room, however I would kindly ask that all blazers (or other items of value) head home to ensure that they are safe. We will have camps in the House over the break, and although we are vigilant, we cannot be 100% certain that the Matron’s office will be kept off limits. As a side-note and gentle reminder that no student other than the House Captains is to have a small fridge.
  • The first day of school (academic work) for 2020 will be Wednesday 29 of January, meaning boys are to return to Delpratt on the afternoon of Tuesday 28th of January.
  • If you are driving to the coast to pick up your son, please check at home for any school library books so they can be returned. We have sent a complete list of overdue books to the boys and they have also been emailed individually by the library.

Second Swimming Carnival for 2019

We had the second swimming carnival this year, though the results will go towards the 2020 House Cluster… confusing… yes… though the boys thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to start the new house cluster early. We were exceptionally proud of our new House Captains in leading the group and the boys did and excellent job in the pool.


Year 8/9 Adventure Camp

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