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This term we are trialing some new features on a Wifi Usage system in the house. The system allows boys’ Wifi to be turned off certain times and social media blocked during prep or late nights. It has been encouraging to hear boys ask for this to occur so they can focus during prep and not be tempted into checking their social media accounts. We have looked at sleep patterns and monitored any boy who has been accessing wifi late in the evening.  Mr Bland and I have been discussing the Wifi usage and timings with the boys as an entire house and individually, especially if we are alerted to accessing blocked websites or inappropriate times for usage. The housemasters are also discussing a school policy on this system so we can be consistent in monitoring the boys’ usage.



The Video below was taken last week for our ‘Delpratt Peppers raffle’

A huge thank you to Craig Smith, Delpratt Valedictorian from 1986 who donated the prize. We were able to raise nearly $1000.00 dollars thanks to the parents and organisation from Mr Bland.


We Welcome Mr Bryce Speechley to the Delpratt family. Mr Speechley is a teaching staff member who works with the learning support team and has already made a positive start in the house. Mr Speechley coaches both Rugby and Cricket for the school and will be a resident master on our top floor.


Each boy has stuck up their Academic planning calendars on their dorm walls and in the coming weeks, boys will add assessment dates so they can plan and submit drafts before they are due.

T3 Student Academic Calendar

Academic results and strong GPA (DI) results

Some great Academic results below from the recent Semester 1 reports – Well done boys 
DI – Tracking results – Academic averages (GPA)

Jones Jake 95.98(A-)
Pye Tegan 94.89(B+)
Cowan Angus 94.44(B+)
Greenup Sebastian 89.41(B+)
Patterson Lochlan 96.42(A-)
Coleman Dougal 93.38(B+)
Wilson Jedd 91.44(B)
O’Neill Connor 91.06(B)
Ware James 87.49(A)
Dight Hamish 87.31(A)
Stuart Ben 84.95(B+)
Owen Benjamin 84.81(B+)
Kelly Jeremy 84.16(B+)
Apana Anthony 82.01(B)
Castor Joseph 84.09(A+)
Pye Connor 83.79(A+)
Douglas Darcy 79.6(A-)
Undi Kandi 79.6(A-)
Piper Lucas 78.24(B+)
Bligh Kiirra 77.68(B+)
Radburn William 76.36(B)
Bassingthwaighte Drew 71.29(B+)
Dalgliesh Angus 70.07(B)
Improvements from term 1

Thornburgh Jett 2.94 89.07 to 92.01
Scott Hugh 2.41 86.32 to 88.73
Lowe Kyle 2.1 91.48 to  93.58
Jones Jake 1.92 94.06 to  95.98
Johnstone Jake 1.53 89.26 to  90.79
Donaldson William 1.51 88.34 to 89.85
Pye Tegan 1.4 93.49 to  94.89
Hawkins Jack 2.07 87.67 to 89.74
Bassingthwaighte Howard 2.04 87.68 to 89.72
Coleman Dougal 1.88 91.5 to 93.38
Jones Jaidan 1.57 87.78 to  89.35
Rigby TJ 1.22 86.81 to 88.03
Thornburgh Nash 0.94 71.27 to 72.21
Piper Lucas 0.88 77.36 to 78.24
Shiramizu Yuki 1.71 63 to  64.71
Dalgliesh Angus 0.99 69.08 to 70.07

The Boys will continue to lead the House shield this term with two more events remaining.
Athletics Carnival: August 14 (Term 3)
Touch, Basketball and Chess: October 10 (Term 4)


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