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Delpratt Housemaster – Mr Conan Bland

Six years ago, I commenced in boarding as a Resident Master in Delpratt House. I was there when the house transitioned from Mr Ward to Mr Bos and remember our current year 12s arriving in the house as homesick young boys. After working in another house for four years, it has been an honour to return to Delpratt House, the castle on the hill, just in time to see these boys graduate as young men of The Southport School.

Thanks to all attendees of The House Supper on Saturday, we hope you enjoyed the evening and it was a fitting farewell for The Valedictorians and Mr Bos. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to celebrate the House Shield win with so many parents and guests, with the dining hall appearing completely packed. A special thanks goes to Kristian Dauncey, the last House Captain to claim the shield back in 1994, who was able to come up from Melbourne to hand over the Shield to Bill. Speaking of Bill, what a courageous speech he made at House Supper and a stirring rendition of “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

The Delpratt Boys have prevailed and brought home the coveted House Shield for the first time in 23 years. I would like to make mention of one very special moment that occurred on the basketball court that day that typifies just how united the boys have been as a house this year and how the boys virtues can be placed ahead of winning at all costs. The boys will remain nameless though a senior basketball player, with the blessing of the entire team and house, came off during a game to give a year 8 boy a run on the court. Now, this could have altered the game, and indeed the outcome of the day and shield, though at that moment it didn’t matter.

This was just an opportunity for the boys to support each other, an opportunity for a younger boy to compete in a game and to show us that winning it not always the most important outcome. There has been much talk about continuing our good form into next year and retaining the house shield. Of course, this would be great though as long as the boys continue to demonstrate the qualities that we saw on the basketball court during the last house cluster, we can stomach any outcome.

Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year, as has my growing family and we look forward to maintaining the positive culture that exists within the house whilst also maintaining the standard of communication that you have come to expect. Moving forward into next year, if you have any constructive suggestions that are specific for Delpratt, please don’t hesitate to let me know prior to commencing in January.


Mr Kristian Dauncey, former House Captain of Delpratt House (1994) presents the House Shield to Bill Donaldson

A brave rendition of “If” by Rudyard Kipling


  • Boys are starting to plan for their departure, so please put in end of year leave and return date of January 22. Boys have also been instructed to de-clutter and take as many personal items as possible home as there is little room in the storage room over the holidays.
  • If you are driving to the coast to pick up your son, please check at home for any school library books so they can be returned. We have sent a complete list of overdue books to the boys.

Introducing the House Leadership Team for 2018

Congratulations to the following boys who have been elected by the house to be in position of leadership from next year.

  • House Captain – Howie Bassingthwhaite
  • House Vice-Captain – Connor O’Neill
  • Sports Captains – Jaiden Jones/Mitch O’Neill
  • House Sacristan & Cultural Captain – Jack Venables
  • Foundation Prefect – Dougal Coleman

Left to Right – Jaiden Jones, Dougal Coleman, Connor O’Neill, Howie Bassingthwhaite, Mitch O’Neill, Jack Venables


We received the following message from Karel Bos who attended five days of the Outdoor Education Camp with the Year 10 boys. It has been a wild night on Y10 camp, with the storm that passed through carrying away some of the canoes, but we are pleased to report that everyone is safe and sound and continuing with their program today, and the canoes have been retrieved!


A group of Year 10 Boys preparing for canoeing after a rough storm.

Congratulations to Dan and Jack Atthow who were members of the Camp Draft team that won the recent inaugural inter-school competition.  

Here are some action photos from the day:


High Expectations – Assistant Housemaster Mr Dan Saw

It is important this time of year to reflect on past performances, celebrate achievements (especially those personal milestones) and to mentally start setting objectives for next year. Clear focus and ‘bloody’ hard work breeds success – this is something the Dellie boys certainly know well by ‘smashing the other House’s out of the House Shield park!’.

When I reflect on my families first Term in Delpratt, I feel very fortunate indeed to be involved in a House where the culture is one of inclusivity, caring for your mates and possibly most importantly, where our expectations of each other (either in the House or around the School grounds) are very high!

Dellie boys are constantly challenged to engage, that is get involved and always present your best effort (as opposed to just participating and being a passenger). Mateship and sense of belong in the House is very strong so the big challenge for 2018 is to continue to build on this, by; capitalising on opportunities and developing an environment where all boys feel welcomed, comfortable and are able to express their individuality. Without this sense of community, there is no chance for excelling in Academia, Cultural activities or Sport.   What a sight it is to see Year 7 and 8’s exchanging cheeky banter (and the odd wrestle!) with Year 11 and 12’s, Year 10’s stepping up by mentoring our younger boys who need direction, and Year 9’s greeting staff and their peers with respect and gratitude.

Boys, thank you on behalf on my family for welcoming us and making our first Term in Boarding so memorable. Looking forward to the challenges and successes of 2018 already!

Message From The House Captain – Bill Donaldson

Summary of House Shield

I’m sure most of you know, but Delpratt was successful in winning the house shield for the first time in 23 years. But it is definitely a lot easier said than done. Out of all 12 houses in the school we are by far the smallest. But we still managed to pull it off. We started out pretty shaky with a dodgy 8th in swimming. But what shows our true heart is how we reacted for the rest of the year – with massive step ups from the juniors to take away 3rd place in tug-of-war and tennis. But we didn’t stop there, with Seb Greenup chasing the boys around the school led us to a 1st place in x-country. Then to follow that up, Boards led Dellie to a first place in house drama. Then it was Kyle and Woodsy turn to step up, and of course they did – With Cody Gager dominating the volleyball and Basketball  and, The two Pye brother harassing the opposition in soccer, and Piglet giving the 100m sprinters a run for their money. Not only did Delpratt finish 9 points away from 2nd place, but we came together as a house. Us seniors repainting the senior common room, and creating the senior kitchen… lasting about 5 second before its completely trashed with noodle containers and melted cheese from the toasties. Overall a very successful year, not just due to The House Shield.

Some words for our seniors

Now finally to my fellow seniors – It’s all come to an end. We are all in the same position, standing at the we stand upon the brink of our high-school lives, staring at a sea of uncertainty. Our whole lives have been structured and straightforward until now. And now we ask ourselves – what next? It’s been a huge year for us, and myself – I am so grateful for all your help leading this year, I can’t take any credit for leading the house to a house shield victory, I give the credit to you boys, because I couldn’t have done it without you. I have had a practically tough start to the year, when I lost my mum in a car crash. It’s funny how a bunch of 13 boys can make such a tragic event so much easier for me. And they haven’t stopped giving me support throughout the whole year. You boys are people who are going to stay with me throughout my whole life – the messages you have taught me. Thank you all so much, I am so proud to call you boys my brothers. So, thank you.

Photos from House Supper

Click here for Flickr Photo Album from House Supper



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