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Mr Karel Bos – Delpratt Housemaster

This week the boys were able to focus on planning assessment and rehearse for the upcoming house drama. Academic Calendars have been filled out with important assessment dates noted on their student calendar. Boys analyzed their data tracking and should have sent you some graphs and some process goals for the term. Many of the boys have indicated that they need to devote more time towards their weekend study and available tutoring sessions. The video attached highlights some process goals the boys will be working on this term.

The boys have celebrated their Cross Country win last week and we have enjoyed watching the leadership and hard work shown by the boys in the lead up to this win in term three. Next week I will be accompanying the Headmaster and Dean of Boarding on a Country tour and I look forward to seeing familiar and new faces in my travels.

Please contact Mr Bland if you have any boarding issues next week – 0404 037 465

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From the Deputy Housemaster – Mr Bland

On Wednesday, due to Photo Day, alternative programs were organised for the Delpratt Boarders in place of regular classes. To start the day, mentors and students met in the common room in order to discuss academic and diligence data from Term 1 and how to use this data to set goals for the next reporting period. From here, mentors worhed with their Pastoral Care groups where the chose individual subjects to improve and examined their standing amonst their peers. This process is not about trying to get every student to the top of the their cohort, it is very individual, and takes into account individual strengths and realistic potential. By now, most students should have emailed parents and provided a sample of Academic Tracking Data in addition to clearly outlining their goal for end of this term. Publishing the goal, ensures these students are held accountable by the people who know them best. If you have not yet received an email from your son, please let us know and we can expedite the process.

Following the academic tracking sessions, Year 9 boys went on an excursion with Mr Bland to participate in a team building activity where lateral thinking and problem solving skills were tested. Escape Hunt in Southport, is an “escape the room” activity where small groups (in this case 4 boys) are locked inside a room as budding detectives in order to solve a mystery. Year 9 boys were divided into 4 teams and completed 1 of 2 separate scenarios.

Scenario 1: A Timely Escape

It’s 1965 and you are detectives framed for the murder of an avid watch collector and the theft of his precious golden fob watch. While in prison awaiting your trial, you learn that innocent prisoners have been disappearing. You only have one hour to break out of your cell, investigate the mystery of the disappearing prisoners and find the necessary evidence to clear your names.

Scenario 2: Murder in the Cellar

The owner of a prominent Gold Coast Hinterland vineyard has been mysteriously murdered on his property. Rumour has it that he had been involved in some suspicious business dealings. The police need your help to solve the case in the next 60 minutes before news of murder leaks to the press.

The activities were hugely successful among the boys and proved to be very challenging and enjoyable at the same time. This is an activity that we will definitely aim to complete again in the future.


Vice-Captain’s Corners

Seb Greenup – Week 1

Good to see all the boys back safe and sound from the holidays and getting ready for term. We had cross country on Thursday where most boys participated and dug deep when the going got tough. Having had the first game of sports on the weekend for soccer and tennis, it’s good to see that all of the Delpratt boys are getting out and active during the week and weekend. Since ANZAC day is coming up on Tuesday it is good to hear that the year 8,9 and senior cadets are participating in the march at Southport in front of many veterans and the public.


Hugh Scott – Week 2

It has been an extremely busy week throughout the house with the majority of boys being involved with Anzac day. Some boys even went that extra mile with waking up extremely early to go pay their respects to the Dawn service and most younger boys walked in the Southport March and service. As well as that, boys were extremely pleased with finding out our result in cross country with Delpratt winning the senior division as well as taking out the cup overall. The boys are starting to get extremely busy with assignments and school work with drafts due just around the corner. Our drama rehearsals are in full swing with our final performance in just a few days time.

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