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Mr Conan Bland – Delpratt Housemaster

Term 1, Week 7

Dear Delpratt Community,

As you have recently been made aware, the last day of school for this year has been brought forward to Friday 23rd March. If you are planning or amending travel arrangements based on this new date there are a couple of things to consider.

  • If amending flights, explain the situation to the airline. If there is still a significant fee attached to change the timing of previously booked flights, please contact Tony Watt who may be able to assist with the process.
  • Saturday cricket is still on and we strongly encourage cricketers who are playing to honour their team commitments, Having said that, obviously your son needs to check how many players are available within their  respective teams for the day.

A reminder that our Annual Chapel Service is on this Sunday. Please let us know f you are able to attend. Light snacks and refreshments will be available after the service.

ANZAC Day School Service Tuesday 24th April 2018

All boys are required to be back in the boarding houses on Sunday 22nd April in preparation for the first day of Term 2, Monday 23rd April. For those that are planning on staying a few days after dropping off your sons, the Annual ANZAC Day School Service is on Tuesday commencing at 840 am, with a march through the streets of Southport on Wednesday 25th April. Parents are very welcome to attend both events.

Delpratt House Mega Raffle Fundraiser

Sincere gratitude to those who have been able to donate items for the fundraiser this year. We are very fortunate to have a great range of prizes and should be able to raise significant funds for the boys to use on study areas and future house projects. The aim at this stage is to collocate the prizes (where possible) in one area leading up to the end of the term and to commence ticket sales at the start of next term. For those that have donated prizes, please let me know details of how you would like to be acknowledged. I will be creating a brochure of prizes and need to know the most appropriate method of acknowledging the contribution ie your family name mentioned, business name, brand or individual. We also have scope to link to instagram or websites if that is preferred.

Delpratt Short Tales

Mitchell O’Neill Receives a token of gratitude.

The Army Cadet Program has introduced a new initiative of reinforcing positive behaviours. We have designed a token economy reward program where boys are given a token for displaying positive leadership behaviours – with the token able to be swapped for something that does not reward the individual but rather give them an opportunity to improve the well being of others.

The first ever recipient of one of these tokens is Cadet Under Officer, Mitchell O’Neill who displayed outstanding leadership on Friday whilst communicating feedback to Bravo Company Cadets. Well done Mitch, and lets hope that your reward not only reinforces the importance of the behaviours you represent, but also the token is swapped in the future for something that will have a positive impact on others.


Reflections from GPS Swimming.

Connor O’Neill 

Friday the 2nd of March saw the GPS Swimming team head down to Chandler to compete in the centenary GPS for a night of swimming I will not forget. Overall the night was packed with fast racing and close finishes, it was clear that TSS was giving BGS a run for their money over the premiership.

This is now my 11th year of competitive swimming. Throughout my time here at TSS swimming year round this years GPS swimming event was by far the most rewarding day I have experienced, especially considering the amount of work I have put in over the last 3 years. To have all my swimming experiences, training and competion, culminate in winning the open 100 metre backstroke at the GPS competition, is a very satisfying feeling. Although swimming is seen as an individual sport it is very much a team orientated sport in competition as well as the training that is done could not be done with the help of our training squad and winning and competing together is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my lifetime so far.

James Ware

I swam in the 4 x Medley Relay and our team finished in eight. It was really amazing being cheered on by supporters that weren’t even ours. I reckon it was better than most of the other years though because it didn’t get me distracted and I was able to concentrate more on my race and preparation. I was so frightened and nervous as I was walking out of the marshalling room and behind my lane, but I had all of the boys behind me wishing me luck. As soon as the siren went off and dove into the water, I had completely ignored my race plan and sprinted for all I was worth. The adrenaline was pumping and before I knew it I was at the 5m mark and slammed my hand into the wall. It was amazing getting out of the pool to see that I had done a personal best by two seconds in my DT’s (dick togs). The adrenaline was still pumping through my body after I swam and it was great seeing the few old boy supporters and parents cheering for us. I felt really proud that I was able to make it into such a competitive team and swim my best.

Jack Ware

GPS swimming has insane, from the boring meetings about race preparation to the rowdy war cries led by the boys near the bus turn around. When we arrived if felt different to have no spectators but when we looked into the stands we could see that our’s was full of parents and old boys all supporting us. From the word go to the point announcement at the end we were all on our feet watching amazing swims and cheering our mates on. Overall it was an amazing day and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Thanks to Connor for motivating me to swim harder and my brother for always yelling at me when I miss a session.



Sports Captain Introductions

Mitchell O’Neill – Sports Captain (Shared Role)

My name is Mitch O’Neill and I feel extremely privileged to have elected as Sports captain in partnership with Jaidan Jones for the 2018 school year. I started my journey in Delpratt two and a half years ago from moving from a town called Traralgon in Victoria. Delpratt is not just a house for me it’s a family of boys where we all share something that we should not take for granted. Throughout my short time in Delpratt I have learnt to cherishevery moment that I have left here and am thankful for this opportunity that my parents have given me and all of the sacrifices that they go through to send me here. The bond between each and every one of us boys within Delpratt house is something very special. Throughout this term it is a credit to the boys for their constant efforts in both school sporting teams as well as house cross country training.


Jaidan Jones – Sports Captain (Shared Role)

Term 1, 2018, taking the ‘half full’ option, things could be worse! As you would all know, as a school, we’ve had some trouble with sickness over the past few weeks, with Gastroenteritis. A harsh bug, it has led to over 200 hundred casualties, with some unfortunate boys becoming re-infected multiple times. QLD Health Department stepped in, practically placing the entire school into quarantine; removing us from the Junior Head of the River, GPS Music, and further sporting events in rowing, cricket, sailing and swimming.

My name is Jaidan Jones and I’m in year 12. This year so far, I’ve had the privilege to take on the role as a Dorm Captain for the 9s and 10s (top dorm); as well as house Sports Captain with Mitch O’Neill. I’ve been boarding since commencing in Rogers house in 2013. I board at TSS because my parents are currently residing overseas in Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I’m grateful that my parents have sent me TSS as it has afforded me the opportunity to be a part of a great school with deep roots in pastoral care, sport, ever improving academics; all under the umbrella of The Band of Brothers. I credit being a boarder at The Southport School and part of the wider student body with helping me to develop many essential life skills. I look forward to completing this year and commencing tertiary education at an Australian University.



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