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Mr Conan Bland – Housemaster

Welcome back to Term 4! Boys have returned to the house full of enthusiasm and have quickly settled back into boarding life. Thanks to all the parents that sent photos of their recent holidays and took the time to describe situations where their sons have been at their best. I have no doubt this information will serve to give context to new staff both this term and next year. As expected, the boys had a highly diverse range of experiences in the break – Well done to those boys who helped their parents out at home or continued the theme of IDEALS week and gave a hand to those who need it most.

I am happy to report that the trial of device confiscation of year 8s has been a success. The boys seem to be coping with their devices being locked up at 8:30pm well, and reports are that they are certainly sleeping better. I asked a couple of boys how they are coping with the change in routine this morning with one boy commenting “I like my phone… but I like sleep better”. All the feedback we have had from the boys so far has been positive and we welcome the involvement of parents in the conversation to ensure that the message of maximizing sleep time is reinforced with the boys.


8:30pm collection of phones and laptops.

As we know, Term 4 is a short one at only 7 weeks and 3 days in duration, so it will pass by very quickly. Year 7-10 has exam block fast approaching with year 11 and 12 following shortly after. Year 10 boys will be off on an adventure for 10 days in a few weeks, with year 12 spending the term both reflecting on their time in the school and life beyond it. Please take a look at the snap-shot below of important dates for this term.

Thursday this week is the Final House Cluster for the year. Best of luck to the boys and without putting the boys under too much pressure, it has been 23 years since the Shield has been held by Delpratt House. Note the crossed palm leaves symbol on the Honour Board representing a House Shield being awarded in that year.

In ancient times, a leaf or frond was carried or worn as a symbol of triumph in Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia and Egypt. The tradition was adopted as a symbol of victory by the Christians with perhaps the most well known example being on Palm Sunday when Christ walked through the gates of Jerusalem victoriously amidst waving palm branches. On Thursday this week, lets hope the Delpratt Boys walk through the Dixon Gates past the palm trees as they wave triumphantly in the wind and march proudly up the Delpratt Stairs to place a small gold pair of crossed palm branches on the Honour Board for 2017.



1994 was the last time Delpratt House won the House Shield. Note the small crossed palm leaves on the left hand side of the date.

Dellie Dames lunch is scheduled for Friday 3rd November at Cicchetti Restaurant on Isle of Capri. Please RSVP your initial interest to or 0405373427.

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