What is better – learning from screen or paper?

One of the recurring questions in education is the relative merits of information being presented to students in digital, on-screen formats or the more traditional, print on paper.

Studies show that students assume they’ll get higher scores on a comprehension test if they have done the reading digitally/on screen. And yet, they actually score higher when they have read the material in print.  This is particularly the case with longer texts.  In general, the more there is to process and remember, the more successful people are if the information is printed and read on paper.

The benefits of print particularly shine through when the reader is moved from simple tasks – like identifying the main idea in a reading passage – to more complex ones that require mental abstraction – such as drawing inferences from a text.

Print reading also improves the likelihood of recalling details like, “What was the colour of the character’s hair?” – and remembering where in a story, events occurred.  “Did the accident happen before or after the political coup?”

Worryingly, there is a growing trend for standardised testing to be conducted online, NAPLAN included. If the above is true, then online testing may not be the most effective way to assess what students actually know and can learn.  And perhaps, even more concerning, is the fact that the negative impact of digital testing is strongest among students with low reading achievement scores, English language learners and special education students.

Interestingly, when asked how they perceived their overall learning when they used print or digital reading materials, students overwhelmingly judged reading on paper as better for concentration, learning and remembering than reading digitally.

There is no doubt that computers can provide incredibly powerful tools to support student learning, collaboration and presentation. Possessing digital literacy and developing important skills in coding, are vital for students as they navigate their world.  Many are ‘digital natives’ whose everyday preference and natural inclination is to engage with technology; but what we are discovering is that there are some things that are best kept traditional!

Camarata Singers named Most Outstanding!

As reported in previous newsletters, this year the Preparatory School has experienced tremendous success at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod.

Last week, we received the fabulous news that the Camerata Singers were awarded the

VARSITY COLLEGE TROPHY – which is the Adjudicator’s choice award for the Most Outstanding Primary School Choir of the Eisteddfod.

Congratulations to the boys for this achievement and to Director of Music Ms Trisha Matthias for her leadership of this choir and Mrs  Jennifer Streten, acompanist.

Arshaan Ameer 4A
Owen Tseng 4A
Aston Lee 4M
Leo Durman 4T
Charlie Gwynne 4T
Ewan Grassick 5B
Caelan Fitch 5B
Max Scott 5B
Bennett Hill 5B
Kane Rice 5B
Kenny Blackburne 5B
Verran Lee 5C
Hugo Willemsen 5C
Owen Hill 5Z
Oliver Gwynne 5Z
Jay Shi 5Z
Thomas Ware 6A
Jack Moody 6B
Archer Ross 6B
Edmund Reidy 6B
Oscar Eckersley 6H
Oliver Croy 6M
Bailey Erceg 6M
Bjorn Snell 6M

Chess Success

Last week at the Gold Coast interschool Chess tournament, 21 TSS Preparatory School boys competed, and performed, at a high regional level standard.

Our premier team, comprising the following boys, was one of the few teams to qualify for the state titles to be held at Gregory Terrace  in Term 4. Congratulations to:

Luke Hu
Dejun Sun
Ethan Ferguson
Jackson Sun

Grandparents’ Day Legacy Book project

As part of our Grandparents’ Day program, there is an opportunity for grandparents to purchase a book, which is then donated to the Preparatory School library.  This book is enhanced with a name plate which lists the family name and acknowledges their donation.

Our boys just love it when they choose a book from the library only to discover that is was gifted by another boy’s grandparents!

I sincerely thank those families who took up the opportunity in 2022 to add to our collection and leave behind a lasting reminder of their grandson’s time at the Prep Campus.

These are just some of the books donated this year.

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