Welcome Back!

May I extend a very sincere welcome to the 2018 school year to all Prep boys and their families.  The year has started terrifically well, with the boys returning enthusiastic, smartly dressed and with smiling faces.  I know, through the tales they have told, that they have enjoyed their long summer vacation, but despite groans and moans about it, they seem genuinely happy to be back.  The message for the week is ‘new beginnings’ and we have been talking to the boys about how the new school year presents the perfect opportunity to set new goals, make new friends and learn new things.   Mr Baker has spoken to them about the importance of forgiveness as a precursor to new beginnings.  Forgiving oneself for not achieving the goals set last year or forgiving others for past hurts are two examples of how the soul is set free to pursue new endeavours when not weighed down by the worries of yesteryear!

When everyone arrived on campus, the absence of builders and construction fencing was a welcome site.  Our new hall is finished (not withstanding a few landscaping items to complete) and the accompanying new entry statement and carparks have really transformed the street presentation of our school.  We conducted our first assembly/chapel in the hall with all boys from Reception to Year 6 today and it was incredible to be able to have us all together in such a great facility.

I really look forward to showing school families this great space in the coming weeks.


The second week back at school holds a number of important dates for the boys in Years 3- 6:-

Years 3 – 6 Chapel on Monday in the Chapel of St Alban’s, Senior School campus.

Please don’t forget that all boys in Years 3 to 6 will start the week with a chapel service in the Chapel of St Alban’s. Details on Prepbook, but boys should be dropped at the Centenary Sports Centre on the Senior School campus no later than 8.30am.  The boys will be bussed back to the Preparatory School following the service.

Years 3-6 school photos on Thursday 1 February – all boys in blue school on this day.

Years 3-6 House Swimming CarnivalFriday 1 February – 9am – 1.00pm at the school pool on the Senior School Campus

Car parking

Can I express my gratitude to all parents for the way in which you have displayed patience and care when driving into and out of the school campus.  While congested, as expected, the traffic flow has been good and each afternoon this week, the last boys collected have been on their way home within 20 minutes of school finishing.  I see that some of you have decided to delay your pick up time by about 15 minutes which has helped.

Thanks also for not parking in the visitor parking spots near the new hall and only using the assigned parent carparks as requested.


One of the things we endeavour to teach the boys alongside their curriculum is responsibility.  Boys who forget their hat, lunch, homework, or similary non-emergency item will not, generally, be given permission to phone home and have mum or dad bring them up for them.  Rather, they should face the natural consequence of being forgetful.  Not being able to play outside on that day because they didn’t remember their hat, or having to have a standard basic school provided lunch will not be the end of the world, but just might teach them that remembering and being responsible are important life skills to develop.

Boys who do not have lunch at school will not go hungry.  They will be provided with a sandwich, piece of fruit and a drink and this lunch will appear as a charge on the next term’s fee statement.

Mobile Phones

Just a reminder that there is really no reason at all that a boy needs to have a mobile phone at school, unless there are particular transport needs in place that makes this necessary.  In these instances, the boy should have a note in his record book from his parent granting him permission to carry the phone at school.  Regardless, boys are not permitted to use or access their phones during the school day.  Any boy found doing so, will have his phone confiscated.

I would really encourage parents to refrain from providing their son with a mobile phone.  While they are status symbols amongst the boys they are very unnecessary.  I would particularly discourage parents from providing their son with any sort of smartphone.  A phone with internet capability is an invitation to problems.  If your son must have a phone, then the most simple of models that permit incoming and outgoing calls and text messages is all they need.





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