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P and F Welcome Cocktail Party

This Friday evening the P and F will host their annual Welcome to the school year Cocktail Party.  The event was moved from last Friday due to the inclement weather to ensure that we can make the most of the lovely River Centre venue on the Nerang River.

I look forward to seeing many of you there.

School Camps

All boys in Years 4, 5 and 6 have attended school camp this week.  We send the boys off early in the year as a real feature of our pastoral care program as the time spent away early in the year with all other boys in their cohort and their teachers, presents an excellent opportunity for them all to get to know each other really well.

I spent Tuesday with the boys out at Year 5 camp and can report that they were having a wonderful time.  The camp staff were excellent and the boys and teachers were working together to conquer the challenges of the activities, in an atmosphere of great team spirit.  Interestingly, a number of boys whose parents were concerned about them being away from home:- they will be lonely/anxious/won’t eat/won’t sleep and so on, were doing really well.  It is amazing how capable our boys are when we give them the chance to grow and develop their resiliency and independence.  In fact, this is a big part of what school camp is about.

The opportunity to learn new skills, like archery, abseiling or kayaking is very valuable, but more so are the life skills that are fostered.  At year 5 camp, I witnessed boys having to organise their belongings, prioritise their time, ensure they were familiar with their program and be in the right place a the right time.   They had to listen most carefully to instructions, otherwise they were deemed not safe and had to sit out.  I watched as the lunch duty group went about the business of setting the dining hall, assisting with the serving of the food and the cleaning up afterwards.

And they were capably going about each task.  Sure, some more so than others, but each boy was learning the benefits of collaboration and teamwork.  Each was developing their capacity to think about the needs of others as much about thinking about themselves and while some looked like they had never seen a tea towel before, they quickly learned how to use it and I’m sure, while some would not admit it, enjoyed the experience of helping out.

The camp has a wonderful tone and feel to it, and alongside the big achievements (managing to climb and stack milk crates on top of each other to quite a significant height without falling), many small successes were celebrated along the way.

Car parking

My continued thanks to the vast majority of parents who are doing the right thing at pick up time.  Parents will have noticed some temporary bunting to dissuade parking along the footpath in front of Cribb.  We are in talks with the Gold Coast City Council about a more permanent solution which also will enhance the look of the street as well as providing a safe passage way for boys and parents.

Some families have taken to parking on the grass area inside the Cribb playground.  I would ask that this not occur as it both damages the grass, but more importantly creates dangerous situations as these cars reverse.   Thanks in advance of your assistance with this.


We are really lucky at TSS Prep that theft is quite the unusual occurrence.  Normally when a theft occurs it is opportunistic and the result of giving into temptation.  A boy covets a special toy another has brought in.  Someone is flashing a bit of cash around and the temptation to take it becomes too much.

We work with the boys in our personal development program on honesty and consideration for the belongings of others, but we also understand that for little boys, a full appreciation of this, for some, takes a bit of time.  It is always a good idea for boys to not to bring to school items that are of either financial or special value to them.  All incidents of theft are fully investigated and normally resolved with the guilty party receiving a consequence for his behaviour designed to encourage him not to repeat it.

Part time Arrowsmith Program

Parents may not be aware that the Arrowsmith program is now available to boys who attend the Senior School as a part time, after school option.  The Arrowsmith Program is designed to assist those students who have a learning difficulty which is impacting on their capacity to achieve in regular classes through a process of building new neural pathways.

Opportunities are now open for boys to be assessed which will determine the suitability of the program to assist in their development.  The cost of this assessment is $1400, with $1000 being applied to the program’s fees if the boy enters the program.

Please contact the Arrowsmith Co-ordinator Mrs Lynda Darby at [email protected] if you have any questions about the program or to organise an assessment for your son.

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