Term 3, Week 2

Jeff Symms | Deputy Headmaster and Head of Preparatory School

Night of the Notables

On Monday night the boys of Year 6 presented their ‘Night of the Notables’ event.  This is the culmination of their research project examining the lives and achievements of notable Australians.  It is always a great night, but I felt the boys this year somehow captured the spirit of the event with a real enthusiasm which made it a joy to listen to their presentations.

A wide range of subjects were chosen by the boys which added to the diversity of the evening.

Well done to the boys and Year 6 teaching staff for continuing to recognise the incredible contributions that Australians have made to the world across many spheres.  I know from conversation with other attendees, that many of us learnt a great deal about the lives and work of some familiar faces we thought we knew.


Canberra Tour – Year 6

In a few weeks time the Year 6 boys and staff will head down to Canberra on their annual Democracy Education tour.  This is a real ‘rite of passage’ for the boys and while it has a very academic focus, also provides them with opportunities to develop their independence and experience the fun of the national capital.

With the election of Donald Trump in the US, many boys have taken an interest in the political process for the first time and they will find visiting Parliament House and participating in the mock parliament to be an interesting experience.  One of the things I talk to the boys about is the absolute privilege it is to live in a representative democracy and the responsibility that comes with that privilege to be active and informed voters.  When we think of the people who have fought and died in the pursuit of democracy and the right to determine the direction their country takes, we should never grumble about having to visit a polling booth every  now and then to cast our vote.

More details will be provided closer to the date and of course we will all read about their adventures in coming newsletters.

Car Park

The new carpark has been open now for two weeks and is working well.  Most families are following the directions provided which will help keep traffic flowing and I thank parents for this.  We have been keeping track of the time each day that it takes to clear the car park and I am really thrilled that the average time it takes from when the boys arrive in the car park to when the car park is clear is just over 15 minutes.  While there is still a queue forming along Lupus Street and to some extent on Brolga Avenue prior to the boys being dismissed from class, (and there is nothing we can do about that except for parents delaying their arrival until 3.30pm when the queue will already be flowing), the situation is a vast improvement.  Yesterday, returning from the Senior School at just after 3pm, I too was caught in the queue along Lupus, but unlike the past when I would often not make it inside the school grounds till close to 4pm,  I was in and parked just after 3.30.

A few hints that if parents could consider to keep things moving:

  1. Please avoid using College Avenue.  Having to let cars into the Lupus Street queue from College Avenue causes difficulties.  Also, it would be good to give our long suffering neighbours of College Avenue some relief.
  2. Drive-through Pick Up:-  Everyone who wants to pick their son up from the drive-through pick up shelter MUST enter the carpark via Lupus Street. Parents who enter via Brolga Avenue and then attempt to cross over lanes to the pick up shelter, create delays.
  3. Park and Go:- our observations clearly demonstrate that the quickest way in and out of the school is to enter via Brolga Avenue and then  park in one of the three rows of car parks.  We now have a crossing supervisor manning the pedestrian crossing and boys can safely cross over to their parents parked car.    Parents wishing to park MUST enter via Brolga Avenue.  Parents who enter via Lupus Street and then try to cross over and park create delays.
  4. Arrive a little later:- By 3.45pm each day the car park is now virtually empty.  Arrive between 3.45pm and 4.00pm and you will drive in and out.
  5. Do not leave your car if you are in the Drive-through lane:-  Please do not park and leave your vehicle in the drive through lane – even for just a moment.  The success of the drive-through depends on keeping the traffic flowing.  Drive right down as far as you can, do not stop mid-way down.
  6. Heading North?  Use Warehouse Road and Harvest Court:-  The traffic lights at Harvest Court stay green longer than the ones at the top of Brolga Avenue and by using both sets of lights parents will half the time it takes to get through.


Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent teacher interviews are well underway.  These are an important component of our reporting to parents process and provide an opportunity for parents to receive more detailed information about how their son is progressing.



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