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Changing face of Prep

As we have been settling into our new hall and enjoying all that this wonderful facility has to offer the boys and the staff as they go about their day, it has caused much conversation amongst the staff, boys, parents and old boys of TSS Prep regarding how different the campus is looking.  In recent weeks many Prep old boys have asked can they come and take a look and it has been great fun witnessing their reactions to the ‘new look’ Prep School’.

Over the next few weeks, I thought I would share a few pictures of the campus from the past so that we can all get a sense of how it has grown and developed into the first class Primary School that it is today.

The current Preparatory School campus was officially opened in November, 1995, prior to which the TSS ‘Junior School’ was on the secondary school campus where the Centenary Centre now stands.

The purpose-built Preparatory School was a model of educational architecture for its time and has continued to be enhanced with new facilities in an almost continues building program.

These photographs below show the campus at almost completion stage with the Jordan classrooms and administration building almost finished.  The timber building being reconstructed is the Stephenson Centre – now used for Visual Art and Teacher Staffroom and Curriculum Centre – but in fact was the original Junior School classroom buildings that were moved over from the Senior School Campus to be re-tasked here at Prep.  While they provided space for the original Prep School library and visual art rooms, they also brought with them a touch of the school’s history and character and these old timber buildings remain very much loved today.

When your son experiences a problem at school

In general our boys have pretty good days at school.  They are challenged in classes, they enjoy the time outside during breaks, they enjoy their co-curricular activities and they make friends and maintain friendships.  Our teachers are very focussed on the boys overall well being and work hard to ensure that the day is positive and productive.

However, it is not uncommon for a boy to have a period when things are not all falling into place.  Perhaps there is something in his school work which is causing concern, or he has had a falling out with a friend.  Maybe there is something happening at home which is upsetting his equilibrium or he is just going through one of those developmental stages when he just isn’t feeling himself and all is wrong with the world.

It is at these times that good communication between home and school is vital.  I was reading through some of the ‘parenting tips’ information sheets that our parenting expert Dr Grose provides to the school and stumbled upon this one which offers advice to parents for when their child is having a problem at school.  He provides 7 steps to work through to helping bring about a resolution to the situation whilst working alongside the teachers.  Interestingly it mirrors the same steps I advice teachers on how to work through these sorts of periods and it strikes me that if both teachers and parents work together on each stage – we nearly always get a good outcome.

I hope you find it an interesting and useful read.


Staff Announcement

It is my pleasure to announce that Mrs Kathryn Barry – Preparatory School Deputy Head – Curriculum,  has been appointed to the role of Principal Consultant with QELi (Queensland Education Leadership Institute), an organisation dedicated to helping school leaders reach their potential.  QELi tailor specific research-based programs to suit individual school and sector wide priorities.  Mrs Barry will be engaged in the research, planning and implementation of professional learning programs delivered to groups across Queensland and in some cases inter-state.

This is an incredible opportunity for Mrs Barry to impact on the development of a strong school leadership culture across the state’s schools, but also terrific for TSS, as we will benefit from the opportunities Kathryn will have working alongside her QELi colleagues but also in cohort with international educational leaders who partner with QELi to provide international-standard PL.  Mrs Barry will spend time in many schools while delivering professional learning sessions and will benefit from all that she experiences.

Mrs Barry has not been looking for work outside the job she so loves at TSS Prep as the Preparatory School Deputy Head – Curriculum.  Through our networks, however, we became aware of the opportunity and I was most proud to nominate her for consideration.  Her selection is quite rightly a credit to all that she has achieved here at Prep, but is also an endorsement of TSS and the quality of the team assembled across both campuses.  Our staff are highly sought and valued, and appointments such as this cement our  reputation as an innovator and leader in education.

Mrs Barry has been appointed to  a 6 month secondment role with QELi which she will commence on Monday March 12.  QELi have been very flexible in working with TSS around arrangements which provide her with ample time to see current priorities embedded in the 2018 school year.

I know that the entire TSS community join me in wishing Kathryn all the best for success in this new position.

Honours Program

The Honours Program is an academically selective program for boys in Years 3-6 who demonstrate both a high academic level of achievement AND a strong work ethic and positive approach to their schooling.  Usually there are 10 places available for boys who are entering into year 3 with places in year 4, 5 and 6 becoming available where vacancies occur.

The process for selection is  clearly articulated on the school’s website and enrolment for the academic assessment dates are undertaken by parents.  Class teachers WILL NOT be identifying suitable candidates, nor do the teachers play any role in the selection or nomination process as this is too open to accusation of preferential treatment.  Teachers are of course open to discussion with parents as to their view as to a boys’ suitability, so if you are unsure have a chat to your son’s class teacher or his teacher from last year.  A parent information session will be held on May 2 to provide further information and the opportunity to ask questions.

The closing date for applications is Friday 11 May and late applications cannot be considered.

All boys who sit the assessment are considered for Honours Scholarship.


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