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GPS Swimming

What a great event the GPS swimming championships were.  Our Junior GPS team swam tremendously well with the vast majority of boys recording their fastest swims of the season.  It was a tough day at the office for the boys, with some very good swimmers across a number of schools swimming very strongly. Although we placed 6th overall, the places were very close with just a win or two making the difference.

The swimmers displayed a tremendous attitude – they were positive and enthusiastic and even though some were disappointed with their placings, they all said they had a good swim and had done their best. That’s all we can ever ask.

On Saturday night the swimming community joined together in the Preparatory School Hall for the inaugural 5-12 Swimming Presentation dinner.  It was a nice evening and the TSS Swimming community can be proud of the job they do from the coaches, officials, parents to the boys, all contributing to create such a great culture.

On the night, Preparatory School Swimming Captain Hudson Sheehan didn’t get the opportunity to share his thoughts on the season, so I thought I’d include them here:-

Good Evening

I would like to take this  opportunity to thank everybody at TSS for their support in the lead up to the GPS Swimming.  In particular, Mr Wain, Mr Symms, Mr Egan, Mrs Senden, Mr Thomas and Ms Cole. Your efforts and support are incredible.

I want to congratulate all the boys who fought hard and swam their best yesterday. There were state and national champions sprinkled across a lot of those races so you were courageous and made your school proud.  As a team we scored more points and had a greater number of top 3 finishers than previous years.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for making me your captain this year.  It was an honour to lead you all into battle yesterday and I hope I made you proud also. We truly are a band of brothers.

Well said Hudson.

Preparatory School Swimming Captain Hudson Sheehan

National Day of Action against bullying and violence

Tomorrow is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence and is a great way to encourage the boys to reflect on what it means to really take some action.  Across the week the boys have been involved in a number of discussions on the topic and the boys in Year 3-6 had a special focus on this when they attended their House Meeting with their Housemaster.

One of the key messages across the country is the importance of not being a bystander. This is a constant theme we employ here at TSS Preparatory – the boys are encouraged to speak up and speak out for a friend or a classmate they may see having some troubles.  A bully’s greatest weapon is the silence of his victim and it is often a couple of weeks or months before a boy speaks up for himself.

The other key message for boys to understand is what bullying is, and what it isn’t. It seems to me to be quite dis-empowering for a boy to fall victim of a bully, which can bring with it a great sense of helplessness, and with it, a number of important emotional issues to address. When a boy has been the recipient of a ‘one off’ inappropriate act, it is important that he sees it as such and processes it in this light. A ‘one off’ act is when the event occurs between two boys who have no prior history of difficulties and the event is not repeated.

Bullying is the sustained mistreatment of one boy to another over a period of time.  Helping boys to identify if they have been the victim of a bully or the victim of a ‘one off’ incident, I think, is very important in helping them work their way through it.

While bullying is present throughout society – in every school, in every workplace and in many families, it is important for us all to work together on solutions that protect the rights and dignity of those affected.  Please speak up if your son experiences a problem at school.

It sometimes takes time to work through the issue, but in this case, silence is far from the best strategy.

Honours Program

It is important for parents considering the Honours Program for their son to be on top of the registration requirements for the entrance examination.  These can be found on the school’s website under the ‘Admissions‘ tab and then ‘Scholarships‘.  There is a very clearly identified timeline for parents’ information and next week (March 20, 6pm.) there is an information session for parents.

Late enrolments cannot be accepted for the testing process.

Enrolments 2020

Enrollments for 2020 are already strong in some key areas.  Families who have a son or friend with a son who are looking for entry into TSS Preparatory in Preschool, Reception, Year 3 and Year 5, need to speak with the Admissions Office as soon as possible.

A special Reception (Prep Year) Open Morning will be conducted on May 7 for prospective parents and our current Preschool families so that everyone can take a good look at what makes TSS Reception such a special program for boys.  More information regarding this event will be made available soon.  But if interested mark in the calendar:-  May 7, 9.00am – 10.30am.

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