Deputy Headmaster – Head of Preparatory School – Mr Jeff Symms

Preparatory School Sports Master

I am very pleased to announce to the school community the appointment of the new Preparatory School Sports Master.  

Mr Robert Egan, is currently the coordinator of Junior School Sport and HPE teacher at Trinity Lutheran College, Ashmore.  Prior to this Mr Egan was the Head of Sport at Hurstpierpoint College in Sussex, UK which is a Preparatory School with a large sporting program much like our own.  On some days, Mr Egan was responsible for co-coordinating 80 or so teams across a range of sports.

Mr Egan has wide teaching and coaching experience, having taught Health and PE to all classes from Reception through to Year 12, and he holds coaching qualifications in Football (where he spent some time with Real Madrid), Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and Basketball.  He is also an experienced Football and Rugby referee.

As a sportsman himself, Mr Egan has represented his school, county and country in Cricket, Rugby, Football and Cross Country.  Most notably he trained with the national cricket team, ran on the national cross country team and played for the national football team in U14, U16 and U18.  He spent some time playing professional football with Swansea City and Bristol City football clubs.

Mr Egan has a reputation as an outstanding teacher, one who builds tremendous relationships with the boys.  He displays real enthusiasm and passion for our program and is most keen to join the TSS community.  Mr Egan is very familiar with TSS as his wife teaches at St Hilda’s and is also a member of their boarding staff.

I look forward to Mr Egan commencing at TSS from June 9, and bringing his range of experience, skills and knowledge to the school.

Mother’s Day

The Friends of Prep committee are looking forward to hosting lots of Mums, Grandmas, Aunties and female friends of the boys at the annual Mother’s Day morning tea on Friday. Unfortunately due to a clash in the calendar, I will not be in attendance this year, however,  I know that everyone will have a great morning and I really thank the FOP committee and all of the volunteer helpers for all of the work they have done to ensure that it will be a success.

In addition, there has been a great deal of work undertaken to provide the boys with a terrific Mother’s Day stall, at which they can select a gift to present to mum on Sunday.  Watching the boys undertake their shopping is always great fun and also touching as they ponder so carefully over their choice of a special gift for mum.

These two special events demonstrate the high value that the FOP committee place on the community ‘friend raising’ aspect of their work in our school.  I encourage all parents to get involved and offer the committee some support for their upcoming events.  Many hands  make light work and the evidence is certainly conclusive that children of parents who are involved in the life of the school do better overall than children whose parents are not.  So a good reason to find an hour or two to help out at some point during the year.

Wellbeing Tips for Kids

Wellbeing is at the forefront of most people’s minds and especially for those of us who are parents.  Helping our children grow into happy and confident young men and women is a big part of our parenting goals.

At TSS Preparatory we take this emotional development part of the program very seriously and the boys and teachers engage in activities and discussions from the Bounceback program each week which support the boys’ personal development and resilience.  In addition, Mr Wyer conducts the ‘rights of passage’ father/son sleep out on the oval with renowned expert Dr Arne Rubenstein.  We also, each year host the Life Education program which they conduct out of their bespoke van and also staff from True Relationships, work with the boys on their sexual knowledge and relationship skills.

It is a busy program.

Please click here to read some wellbeing tips for kids from our parenting gurus Michael Grose and Dr Jodi Richardson.

Car park and Oval works

We are now on track for the new car park to be operational by the end of May.  This has certainly been a frustrating project, with many delays, but the end is in sight and I again thank parents for their patience.

The block ‘grandstand’ seating is now really taking shape and the decision has been made to extend this sandstone block seating further along the oval which will really create a great viewing platform for our ‘Main Oval’.  Once the block work is completed, the grass on the oval will be reconstituted back to the edge and this side of the field will now be the No. 1 Oval.

Pick up arrangements

I notice that we still have empty car parking spaces of an afternoon, while the pick up line extends right down Lupus and back on to Ferry Road.  I really can’t stress enough how well it works to pre-arrange a section of the carpark which will be your ‘regular’ spot and have your son cross at the crossing and come meet you at the parked car, rather than sit in that long queue.  In the timed checks of the carpark we have been conducting, parents who elect to park and have their son come to them are spending on average around 10 minutes less time on the after school pickup than those who chose to wait in the queue.

Remember that the boys are not released from class until 3.30pm and so the queue can not start to move until at least 3.40pm.  Arriving at 3.00pm means that you will sit in the queue for at least 40 minutes, while those parents who delay arriving until around 3.45/.50 pm tend to drive straight through.

Either way, the new car park has made a huge difference already, and when parents can exit onto the new roundabout on Brolga Avenue, it should be even better.


This week the boys in Year 3 and 5 will undertake the annual NAPLAN assessments.  I look forward to sharing with all parents later in the year the results of these assessments.


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