Deputy Headmaster and Head of Preparatory School

Mr Jeff Symms

TSS/St Hilda’s swim meet get together

Last week our Year 5 boys hosted their counterparts from St Hilda’s for a get together/get to know you experience.  The boys and girls met up at the TSS pool for a fun and competitive session of swimming racing.  The boys joined the girls in their St Hilda’s houses and everyone gave their all.

Initially the boys and girls kept a little to themselves, but within minutes the excitement of the event and the natural sociability of children had them mixing and chatting away enthusiastically.

It was a lot of fun and I think all staff, both TSS Preparatory and St Hilda’s, for their efforts in providing such a fun session for the boys and girls.   This event is just one of the occasions in which our boys and girls get to spend time together in a fun, yet structured way.

Year 3 Sleepover

Congratulations to the Year 3 boys (and staff) on an excellent sleep over last Friday night.  The boys always love this event, as what could be better than sleeping over in the school hall, right?

The boys had fun at the school swimming pool, playing games, at the camp fire, challenging each other in Trivia, eating and drinking their dinner, settling down to watch a movie and then getting into bed and settling down for the night.

The boys behaviour was terrific and their attitude made it a pleasure to be around them as they navigated this step of independence as part of the school’s outdoor education program.

The following morning was pack up and breakfast and home for the rest of the weekend!

Year 3 sleepover, done and dusted!  Bring on Year 4 camp.

Car park

This is a request to all parents to please be courteous to the school staff who are on duty of an afternoon in our car parks.  Supervising your sons and managing the traffic are huge tasks and everyone there is working to keep all of the boys safe.

Parents who insist on cutting in front of others, calling from their car windows for their son to dart across in front of traffic, or those who wish to drive through the pedestrian crossing rather than wait, make the car parks a dangerous place to be.  Staff will necessarily make requests of parents to be mindful of the rules and are always hopeful that when doing so, they will be met with a positive response.

Unfortunately, staff have been yelled at, sworn at and ignored.  Apart from being irresponsible to ignore the request to drive safely, interacting with school staff in this manner is simply very poor parenting.  As a role model for children, parents should at all times appreciate that how they interact with others, is a lesson that their children will follow.  There are few more important lessons that we can teach our children, than to be decent and treat others with respect.

Presentation Assembly – Friday 20 November

The final Presentation Assembly for the year which will be live-streamed was previously advertised as commencing at 12.oopm.    This has now been rescheduled to 1.45pm on the same day – November 20.  Please note there is no parent attendance at this assembly due to COVID-19 restrictions


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