This week unfortunately, I felt the need to address a small group of boys about displaying a lack of sportsmanship after one of their recent matches.  Their inability to put the disappointment of a loss behind them and conduct themselves well was surprising as this is not something for which TSS boys are known.   At TSS Preparatory, we take a lot of pride in our capacity to manage life’s ups and downs and to treat everyone with respect, regardless of the circumstances.

Sportsmanship may be defined as:-

  • playing fair
  • following the rules of the game
  • respecting the judgement of referees and officials
  • treating opponents with respect

It may well be considered that developing good sportsmanship is the number one purpose of playing sport, as the qualities that one displays through modelling good sportsmanship are the necessary qualities for living a respectful and honourable life.  Treating our opponents in the way we wish to be treated is an extension of ‘treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated’, one of the ‘golden rules’ of life.

It may seem a little ‘old fashioned’ to some, but  there is nothing old fashioned about conducting oneself with dignity and with respect for others.

It is important to remember too, that sportsmanship is not only required of those on the field of play.  Spectators need to be respectful that everyone out there is doing the best they can and deserve fair treatment.  Even more so when those who are playing are children who are very quick to model their behavior on those that they see around them.  Professional sport is sadly often not a suitable place for our boys to learn their lessons of sportsmanship with taunting, trash-talking, gloating and cheap shots becoming all too common behaviours of our ‘idols’.  The prolonged victory dances after a goal are frankly quite ridiculous and are nothing more than a

I have asked the boys involved to recommit themselves to the high standards we expect at TSS and I’d ask all parents to support this and demonstrate to their sons that we can play hard, play to win, yet also play respectfully and with good grace whether we win or lose.  Good sportsmanship takes maturity and courage and these are two qualities that I’m sure we are all trying to help our boys develop.

Winter Warmers Music Concert

This Thursday evening is the Winter Warmers Music Concert which is held in the Annand Theatre.  This is one of the few main concerts we conduct at Prep and provide the boys with a very important opportunity to showcase their work with the school community.  For those of you with a son who displays commitment to his instrument, you will appreciate the amount of time that is given in practice in order to become proficient and so will value the opportunity to witness him perform in one of the ensembles.

While I can appreciate that everyone is busy, it is always disappointing to see boys leaving early immediately after their performance.  As a budding musician, the payoff for the hours of lessons and practice is performing for an audience.  As the concert proceeds it is really disheartening for the boys in the later ensembles to see a reduced audience, particularly as they have sat patiently watching other performances and giving those earlier groups the benefit of a larger group to perform in front of.  I would ask that you consider this when deciding if you really need to leave the concert early.  The  music staff do endeavour to keep the evening as short as possible.

Speech and Drama Evening

Last week I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the Speech and Drama performance evening.  It was a really entertaining presentation and it was fantastic to see so many boys taking advantage of this great program.  The boys presented skits, short plays, poetry recitations, monologues and duologues and impressed us all with their confidence.

Speech and Drama is a great way for the boys to develop  themselves in the area of public speaking and presentation as well as giving them an opportunity to explore their dramatic talents.

Congratulations to all boys and to the Speech and Drama teacher, Chantel Ward for a great evenings entertainment.

Boys who performed were:-

Luke Kearney, William Nye, Daniel Aloysius, Artem Gladyshev, Jack Hawes, Alonso Espin, Blake Ryan, Nicholas Noble, Max Gallie, Leo Liang, Ryder Lynch, Omar Hamid, Zachary Battocchio, Cruz Ferris-Nathan, Sam Street, Jackson Gennari, Jackson Amos, Cody Townhill, Lachlan Nash, Alexander Brown, Angus Robinson, Connor Murakami, Marcelo Alvarez-Calderon, Daniel Statham, William Cox, Jadyn Ryan and Lachlan Roche.

Unfortunately Mason Nash’s partner was unable to attend, so he couldn’t perform on the night, but we look forward to being entertained by him very soon.

Canteen Emergency Lunch Accounts

Lunch is extremely important for our boys. It is the only meal they have to power them through the day. A healthy fulfilling  lunch can make up one third to one half of a child’s nutritional intake for an entire day and is essential for helping children succeed in school as well as grow and develop successfully and healthfully.

Unfortunately, it has become a regular daily occurrence in TSS Prep where many boys are coming to school without provision for Lunch.

In these instances, after seeking parental permission we have been able to offer a voucher from the Tuckshop to enable the boys to purchase some lunch. This comes with the understanding that the voucher will be repaid to the Tuckshop the following day.

However, it has been bought to my attention that the collective balance owed to the Tuckshop from our boys is now a substantial amount and the Tuckshop may be forced to withdraw the voucher facility.

This will mean if boys do not have any lunch with them, Parents will be called and will need to come in to school to provide lunch if it has been forgotten.

A notice has been put on Prepbook if your son has an outstanding balance, so please liase with the Tuckshop directly to settle any amounts owing.

Thank you for your support.

Missing School Bag

Could I ask parents to be on the lookout for James Atkinson’s school bag which has gone missing.  Could everyone check that their son has the right school bag (James’ name is clearly marked on the bag).  From time to time, boys do pick up the wrong bag and amazingly it sometimes takes a couple of weeks before it resurfaces!  James is keen  to get his bag back soon.

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