Deputy Headmaster – Head of Senior School

Mr Karel Bos

Yesterday we began the Lenten Season with Ash Wednesday. This period leading into Easter and the end of term is a timely reminder for our boys to reflect and acknowledge how they live their lives. Are we personally representing the best or worst of humanity? Do we share or constantly take?  I reminded our school community at assembly of these messages as we launched into the second half of this term and forty days of Lent.

Oliver Martin (2019 Thorold senior)  had etched into his coffin on Saturday, “The secret to living is giving” – how often do we step away from the world that is me and adopt a selfless attitude of giving to others? Lent can be this time of reflection where we decide to share more in our lives with those less fortunate.

The next 40 days takes us to the end of term and the Round Square committee gives us an opportunity to take Oli’s advice by giving back and committing to one of these three events. More information will be shared over the next few weeks and we are hoping that all Senior boys commit to at least one of these three commitments and decide to give back.

If you look hard enough in the many pockets of The Southport School you soon realise that commitment and service to this community can take many forms. On occasions you recognise the quiet sacrifice, service and hard work in the shadows through individuals. The Tech Crew are one of those pockets that give back to the school and this week the boys had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new Annand sound and visual capabilities. They will run our assemblies’ and big events from next week. Thank you boys.




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