Deputy Headmaster – Head of Senior School

Mr Karel Bos

Theme for the week – Assessment and exam preparation 

With less than two weeks left in the term our boys are busy completing assessment and preparing for their final term exams. Mr Stansbie, our Dean of Students Years 7-9 led our theme at the start of the week reminding our boys about critical key study concepts such as:

  • Retrieval Practice
  • Distributed Practice
  • Interleaving

Each week a Senior member of staff leads the theme and is accompanied by a student leader who gives insight on how they approach the theme. On this occasion Louis Chabert explained to the school how the three ‘S’s help him prepare before exams – ‘S’ Sleep, ‘S’ seek help where needed and ‘S’ specific study.

Boys have also been reminded about their diligence criteria in classes and the need to uphold their commitments especially as they prepare for this assessment period.

Lenten season and Round Square 

Earlier in the term I gave the senior boys a challenge during Lent and that was to think of others and commit to at least one Round Square initiative.

  1. Clean up Australia Day
  2. Shave for a cure
  3. St John’s Crisis appeal

It is pleasing to hear that we have over one hundred and fifty boys that participated in both of the first two fundraisers and events. With the St John’s Crisis appeal now launched it would be encouraging to see more boys donate non-perishable items at the school so we can distribute before the end of the Lenten season.

Our final theme for the term next week which will be led by School Chaplain Fr Jonathan and School Sacristan Isaiah Tolotu features three events where the boys will reflect on Christ’s journey during Holy week – from Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem to the trial and crucifixion of Jesus and his Resurrection.

  1. Morning virtual program (BBB) Easter prayers and story
  2. Easter Service (Student led service) in the Annand theatre which will feature prayer, song and readings  – last day of school.
  3. Blessing by Fr Jonathan to the school  after the Cross Country races on Wednesday asking for a safe and blessed holiday for all boys and families.


I would like to personally thank all our families for their support and encouragement this term. The boys’ spirit, sense of camaraderie and ability to grow in areas that go beyond measurement are an inspiration for me everyday. It was only this morning that I visited the Senior Choir in our new music area in the Annand and was so impressed with the boys’ sense of team, energy and enthusiasm led by Mrs Fennell  (see photo below)


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