The Annual House Suppers

House Suppers first began in 1909 when Arthur Charles Thorold decided that, since quite a few trophies and medals had been donated to the School to recognise boys’ achievements, a special night was needed to present them. He suggested a feast night, which was well received by the boys!

It was decided that there be a “special annual supper” to represent this occasion and was to be held around October when there was a lull in sporting competitions. Thus, the first House Supper was born.

The inaugural House Supper was held in the dining hall on the Nerang River on the 20th October 1909. One of the highlights of the night was the boys receiving ice-cream for dessert.

As the end of the 1909 school year approached, a meeting was convened to discuss whether the House Supper had been a success. The three main observations raised at this meeting were: 1) while the evening was an overall success, it had gone on too long and the boys were late to bed. 2) It was difficult serving out the food and keeping is warm for the number of people attending. 3) The room was a bit cramped with tables and chairs.

As a result, it was decided to separate the Houses so each could have its own Supper. That way, the evening would not go on too long, there would be fewer people needing to be accommodated in the dining hall, and the food would stay hot! October was deemed the most suitable month to host such Suppers.

The House Supper tradition continues and is an important inclusion in TSS’ calendar. We would like to honour and thank Mr Mark Wilkins for his efforts in making the Dining Hall look its very best for each of these special House events.

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