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Mrs Debbie Turner – School Archivist

We have a few Older Old Boys who meet twice a year at the Caxton Hotel for lunch, a few laughs and to reminisce about their time at TSS.

It started quite a few years ago when a handful of them met up to play a round of golf. Now, most of these Old Boys were very good at their chosen sport at school, but golf was not one of them. They were always holding up the other players with one golfer shouting out that they were a bunch of ‘Burglars.’ In golf, a ‘Burglar’ is someone who deliberately holds up play or makes bad shots in the hope of reducing their handicap.

Lew Cooper, the instigator of these golf days, decided that this bunch of ‘Burglars’ needed a name for their group. It reminded him of the old Disney cartoon where “The Beagle Boys”, a group of thug burglars, were always trying to get a hold of Scrooge McDuck’s money.

“The Beagle Boys” name stuck and has grown over the years with about 25 Old Boys congregating once a year at The Caxton Hotel in Brisbane. Some come from out west, from the Sunshine Coast, down south and the Gold Coast.

They recently met up on 1st November and once again had a great day.

Present were:

Lew Cooper (49-55 McK),                    Gary Ferguson (56-61 McK),

Ross McKechnie (56-64 McK),             Eric Hebron (56-58 McK),

Bryan Parkinson (50-57 DEL),              Robin Ireland (50-59 THO),

Arthur Fittock (54-57 THO),                  Lionel Meerkin (42-47 JS),

Fred Reichart (49-54 THO),                  Bill Morgan (51-56 DEL),

Des Neil Ballantyne (51-54 DEL)         Ian Cameron (52-56 McK),

Bert Cockerill (46-55 McK),                  Jimmy Fouras (49-56 THO),

Bob Arkell (49-51 McK)                        John Hindmarsh (58-61 THO),

Brendan Egen (63-64 THO),                  Radley West (51-54 McK),

Ken Mander-Jones (50-55 DEL),          David Miller (48-54 THO),

Glen Crowther (Staff),                         Berrick Boyd  (53-56 McK)


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