The History of Our Tokio

The origin of the School’s first war cry (Tokio) came from four students sometime during the First World War, the precise date is unknown. Former students from that era generally agree that circa 1917 is the probable date of inception.

Eric Usher (DEL 1916-1922) recalled that in 1917, the Dellie House big dorm room became a hospital ward and he was in a bed next to the music room recovering from chickenpox. Eric recalls hearing four boys (Malcolm Read, Walter Blacklock, Glen Massey and Pixie Leslie) working on a war cry with the help of the Master, Hoppy Beck. Pixie Leslie was from Fiji, which could account for some Fijian words in the Tokio.

The original version of the Tokio was :
Tokio! Tokio! Shav-en-osk, ker vin,
Big-engin-nish-noble la ginna-shin,
Kenna-kenna, wuff, wuff, Kenna, Kenna shar.
Southport! Southport! Hurrah! rah! rah!

This later became:
Tokio! Tokio! Shav-en-us, gavin,
Pe Kinny, nish nah, Lay Kinny Shin.
Kinny, Kinny, wuff-wuff,
Kinny, Kinny, Shah.
Southport! Southport! Rah, Rah, Rah.
Tokio – Tokio! Shavenus kavoo,
Come on Southport – Red, White, Blue,
S-O-U-T-H-P-O-R-T; Southport!
Tok io! Tok io! Tok io! “

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