Dr Arne Rubinstein

Mr Mark Wyer – Preparatory School Deputy and Head of Pastoral Care

On Thursday evening during the first week of Term 4, over 200 parents and staff attended an entertaining yet informative evening on The Making of Men, presented by Dr Arne Rubinstein. Arne Rubinstein has spent the best part of thirty years dedicated to the field of assisting young adolescent boys’ transition to healthy young men.

Arne’s presentation was very informative and took the audience on a journey about boys from their early stages of life through to young adulthood and all the joys and perils of parenting in between. Arne’s practical advice and wisdom was really appreciated by all in attendance. Some of the messages that he presented were based on our boys being naturally loving, happy and motivated and that there are many potential issues facing our boys – from drugs to peer pressure and the influence of technology. Arne believes that happiness and success should be defined by having good relationships and doing something meaningful, not by how much money or how many possessions you have. He also addressed the issues around boy and man psychology and how destructive it can be for young men to still have a boy psychology. He believes that our boys transitioning into adulthood should be men who take responsibility for their actions, can stand with his emotions, seek an equal and caring relationship and working with other men and power is good for the benefit of the community. He sees this move to a healthy man psychology is vital for our boys and that is helped by a Rite of Passage. Arne suggests to do this for parents and especially fathers to be involved as much as you possibly can in your son’s life when he is still a boy and that good parenting involves spending one-on-one time with your son, sharing stories and teaching the skills of resilience and problem solving. Arne also spoke passionately about the role of mums in the life of their boy. He spoke about that special bond that a son and mother enjoy, the bond that nurtures, cares, teaches and supports that is special at that stage of life. But he also spoke about the differing and ever evolving model of parenting that mothers need to take as her son grows into a young man.

Arne’s research and practice has led him to become an international expert in the field of Rites of Passage. This work as led him all over the world and it is something he believes all boys should experience. On Friday 27 October, TSS Prep will be hosting a Young Warriors Camp that allows boys from Years 4-6 to spend time with their father, significant male role model or mother. This camp allows parents and boys to experience a Rites of Passage ceremony and enjoy some quality time with their dads. I can highly recommend the camp as it provides that all important quality time with your son that is becoming increasingly more difficult to find. Further information can be found on Prepbook or you can contact Mark Wyer at: mark.wyer@tss.qld.edu.au

This camp promises to be another exciting development in the journey of boys’ education at TSS Prep.


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