Elements of Mastery at TSS

Mr Andrew Hawkins, Headmaster

This week’s Senior Chapel services have had a focus on Mastery. Father Jonathan has defined Mastery in our school’s setting as being in command of all our words, thoughts and actions so that we can produce high quality outcomes in our chosen field. There are many ‘fields’ of opportunities here at TSS both at the Prep School and on the Senior Campus for boys to have an opportunity to master a skill. Robotics, eSports, the Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Golf, Entrepreneurial skills, Writing, Arts and Drama, Sailing, Music Speech Variety, Debating, Rowing, Cricket, Swimming…the list goes on and on. In the Senior Chapel services, we provided many examples of successful people applying their mastery skills in their chosen field and asked the following three questions.

What makes them a Master?
What do they have in common?
What can we learn from them?

The table below illustrates and helps to answer the three questions of common traits of those who have mastered a skill. As we approach the assessment period at Prep and at the Senior School we are essentially asking TSS boys to master their subject. True mastery of subjects tends to happen in the latter years of schooling as students begin to choose elective subjects they are passionate about. The determination and discipline begin to take shape in an academic sense and boys become masters of deliberate practice of their subjects.

Outside of the classroom we witness each week TSS boys displaying mastery on the cricket field. We will see on Sunday our ‘Masters’ of GPS Sailing team take on the other GPS schools for the last time as Sailing becomes an association GPS Sport from 2022. Our GPS Swimming team will attempt to master their stroke at the GPS Swimming at Chandler Friday week. Our Debaters master their skill each week in short and long prep debates. Our GPS Head of the River is also fast approaching and each crew will attempt to master the rowing stroke and replicate the stroke 280 times down the 2000 metre Wyaralong Course.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Year 5 to 12 GPS competitors the best of luck as we approach a busy period both in and outside of the classroom here at TSS. I would also like to thank our community for your understanding as we continue to navigate COVID restrictions from a State and National Government, GPS, and venue specific perspective.

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