eSafety Trends, Issues and Prevention

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School – Andrew Hawkins

Welcome back to Term 3 here at TSS. A special warm welcome to the TSS community to the following boys and their families:

Lachlan Smith 7, Jack Poidevin 8, Flynn Porter 8, Matthew Worsley 8, Austin Billing 9, Hudson Faulkner 9, Flynn Jackes 9, Kaleb Ngamanu 9, Zachary Botsmen 10, Matthew Eddoes 10, Eli Fahey 10, Giuliano Grassso 10, Gregory Noonan 10.

We also welcome Bradford Brewer and Stephen Deane in Year 11 Thorold on exchange from the USA and also Jamie Nicholson in Year 12 Thorold on exchange.

eSafety Trends, Issues and Prevention

After a well-deserved break from a busy Term Two some parents may be wrestling with getting your boys back in the school routine. Mobile devices are making it easy for students to stay online 24 hours a day, and during the holidays, understandably we all relax the rules and our children take full advantage of their increased access to mobile devices. The eSafety Commissioner highlights it is important for students to know how to disconnect from being online, as spending too much time online may have:

  1. Impacts on student’s physical health
  2. Impacts on student’s family
  3. Impacts on social life
  4. Affect student’s school performance

Signs that students may be, or have been spending too much time online include:

  • Prioritising online activities over health and wellbeing
  • Prioritising online activities over schoolwork and relationships
  • Focusing on and only talking about online games or social media
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • A decline in school work quality – reports are great gauge for this and the data tracking session in place of assembly on July 27 may give parents any early indications
  • Headaches and eye strain
  • Having trouble sleeping

Tips the school will be offering the students for Balancing Online Time include:

  • Set aside times in your day for being off line, even include a regular day off social media altogether.
  • Figure out what Apps are taking up most of your time. You can even use an app to identify what you are using the most for example moment.
  • Uninstall addictive apps. Think about uninstalling app plug-ins (add ons) and use the basic social media functions only
  • Remove devices from the bedroom
  • Have device free areas in the house
  • Make a call instead of using text
  • Talk to a responsible adult if you need help

To support the staff, students and parents of TSS in this space we have invited Cyber Safety expert Brett Lee to TSS over the next 2 weeks. Brett will address the Year 12s this Friday. He will then address each cohort on Friday July 28. As part of Brett’s visit, he will also run a parent and community session on Thursday July 27 at 6pm in the Annand Theatre.

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