New Tuckshop Menu Launching

This term we launch our new and exciting tuckshop menu. Our menu has been designed to be appealing to children and nutritionally balanced. A copy of the new menu is attached to today’s newsletter. The morning tea menu has already been updated on Flexischools to reflect the new options.  Along with the new menu, the school has invested in new equipment and display cabinets so that our healthy choices will be on display for the boys to see.

When introducing a new menu, as we are unsure of what the demand will be on some of our food items. Order levels for certain items will be estimated, if all orders are sold, we will increase the number for the next tuckshop day. We ask for your patience while we work out the popularity of our new menu items as not all items will be available on all days. This is to provide variety, as well as to conform to the guidelines regarding the three categories of foods; ‘green’ (have plenty), ‘amber’ (select carefully) and ‘red’ (have occasionally). Some points to note with the new menu include:

  1. Variety of bread options
  2. ‘Salad’ is inclusive of lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber
  3. Daily specials including New ‘Busy Boy Lunchboxes’ and freshly made sandwiches and salads that are available to order through Brown Bag System. (All other orders through

Children consume at least 1/3 of their daily food intake at school, with a school tuckshop providing healthy and balanced options is key to helping busy parents know that their children have access to a nutritious lunch.

We have recently had a team of parents, staff and a representative from Alliance provide an assessment of the current tuckshop menu against the Smart Choices for Queensland Schools Healthy Food and Drink Supply Guide.  I would like to thank Megan Ray, Linda Quinn, Jodie Bradbury, Leesa Dolan, Angela Zagoren, Andrew Hawkins and Clive Pearce for their contribution to the committee. Continued discussions with the committee and Alliance will continue throughout the year as we strive to improve our service.

From this assessment a new and exciting tuckshop menu based predominantly on ‘green’ foods has been developed. Some menu items have seen improved quality to move them into the green category , while others have been removed to make room for new menu items.

Having healthy options on the tuckshop menu and limiting ‘red’ foods can also help children to try foods that they may be hesitant to eat at home. We hope that the new tuckshop menu will be embraced by the school community to keep staff and students as healthy as possible.

As always, Alliance are very keen to meet community expectations and we are happy to receive any feedback on the new menu.

Tuckshop Menu July 2017

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