Friends of Prep

Linda Quinn, President TSS Friends of Prep

The TSS Friends of Prep (FOP) warmly welcomes back to school our current families and new families joining our school community.

Our FOP, of which you are members, is one of 14 supporter groups, under the TSS Parents and Friends (P&F), across the school. FOP provides your sons with the support they need when participating in their sports or creative arts endeavours.

TSS FOP Meetings
Our meetings are open to all parents of the School and our meetings are held in The Prep Library. Our first meeting for the year will be held on Wednesday 10 March at 9.00am, you are welcome come along and join our committee or to hear how we are progressing throughout 2021. All of our meeting dates are posted on Prepbook and the weekly Prep newsletter.

At our first meeting we have invited Mr Cliff Powys, our Preparatory Deputy Headmaster-Pastoral Care to talk about TSS Preparatory Values, Teamwork, Scholarship and Service. The boys are buzzing and eager to earn points for demonstrating their commitment to these values.

Our Annual General Meeting will also be held on 10 March at 9.00am and this year we have three keys positions open for the roles of President, Treasurer and Secretary. If you are interested in the roles, please contact me.

New Uniform Store and Online Shopping
You may have visited the new Store located in the top carpark area. The School and the TSS P&F Association, are parties to an agreement with our uniform supplier Perm-a-Pleat (PAP) to supply the school uniform to a high standard at prices that do not increase excessively each year. This year the TSS P&F have negotiated a 10% reduction across a basket of school uniform items for 2021 and they are committed to continue to work hard on keeping the prices of the school uniform stable for next year.

Supporter Wear
The Store has added a refreshing range of TSS Supporter Wear including the TSS branded cooler bag and TSS Towel. The supporter wear TSS Shirts have been refreshed and with ladies and men’s options in short or long sleeve.

With the addition of the TSS Towel, the School has asked that towels purchased for your son must have his name (no nicknames) embroidered on the towel and this service is provided by The Store.

FOP has a dedicated Facebook Group to keep you up to date on events and information. I encourage you to join the Friends of Prep Facebook group.

In addition, the P&F have launched the TSS Buy Sell Swap group and looking to add some additional pages related to our activities in 2021.

We wish you and your family the very best for a successful 2021 and we hope to meet as many of you as possible at our meetings and throughout the year. Please drop me a line or call me 0439 300 810 if you have any questions.

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