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Think that if you’re a budding tradesperson, dropping maths is no big deal? In actual fact, hands-on construction gigs use numbers a lot more than you’d think. Trade gigs are often associated with tools, trucks and loads of physical labour, but there’s a stack of basic maths skills involved in almost every type of maintenance, repair and construction role. From calculating quantities and determining floorspace ratios to ordering materials and converting measurements, most tradespeople rely on an advanced knowledge of numbers – something that sticking with high school maths can seriously help solidify.

Here, we look at how algebra, trig and basic area skills are just as important to a successful tradie’s toolkit as a fancy drill.

Careers that count

Electricians: Apart from all the basic stuff – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – electricians regularly use fractions, percentages and decimals when working out things like room dimensions, wiring lengths, watt to kilowatt conversions and load calculations. Ohm’s Law (voltage = current x resistance) is a go-to equation when studying electrical circuits, and trigonometry comes in handy when figuring out the correct angle to bend a section of protective tubing.

Builders: Builders are basically mathematicians that make stuff – yep, that’s how much adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying happens in an average day. “How much steel is needed for this office build? Will the new timber flooring bear the weight of all that furniture? Is that enough water to fill up the swimming pool?” An internal monologue of measurements soundtrack an average day on site.

Tilers: Maths meets art and construction in a process that is literally all about being accurate, correct and symmetrical. Like a hypothetical problem out of a geometry textbook, a tiler regularly faces the challenge of calculating how many 2D objects (tiles) will fit into a particular space (a floor).

Concreters: Figuring out how much mixture is needed for a pour may seem like simple multiplication, but for a concreter there are some seriously complex area and volume formulas that go into each and every job. Sure, length x width x thickness = volume, but when things aren’t rectangular – which they very rarely are – the gig calls for some pretty advanced geometry.

Author: Cassie Steel


Bond University

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Scholarships are “a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.” The money is donated by businesses, universities, organisations or individuals who see the value of further education. Federal and state governments may also provide scholarships to help make further education more equitable for everyone, or to encourage studies in areas or skills that are in demand.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: For scholars studying specific subjects.
RURAL & REGIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS: If you live in a rural, regional or remote area? You may be eligible for a Scholarship.
FINANCIAL HARDSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS: Struggling with day to day expenses while studying? View any Financial Hardship Scholarships.
ACCESS SCHOLARSHIPS: View the access scholarships if you’ve experienced personal challenges that may have affected your schooling or ability to attend university.
SPORTING OR PERFORMING ABILITY: For students who want to be top of their game.

Every university has a page on their web site describing the scholarships available. Following are the addresses of the Scholarship pages for a few of our local universities:

Once you’ve found a scholarship you’d like to apply for:

– Explore if you meet the eligibility criteria;
– Read the terms and conditions;
– Familiarise yourself with the application process, note deadlines, interview days etc.
– Complete your application;
– Attached any necessary supporting documents to your application; and,
– Submit your application on time.

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