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University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)
The Early Offer Guarantee enables eligible Year 12 students to receive an early and guaranteed place at USC as early as August. These offers are made before the release of Year 12 results, so students do not have to wait until the December or January QTAC offer rounds to start planning their uni journey.
Key changes in 2020
• Offers can be made to students as early as 21 August
• Offers will be made most Fridays between 21 August and 23 October
• Offers will not be made during the Year 12 external examination period
• Offers made before 20 November will be conditional on the student completing Year 12
• Applications can be submitted via email, in person or by post
• We will accept applications throughout the application, however you can still hold all applications and send in bulk if preferred
• Applications received in the last week of the application period will be made offers on 20 November
• If your school isn’t producing Semester 1 report cards for Year 12 students, we’ll accept the student’s most recent progress report or report card
For further information contact our Student Central team to on (07) 5430 2890 or [email protected].

Bond University

Your road to Bond University
In these uncertain times, Year 12 students have shown incredible resilience in adapting to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it has caused their studies and more broadly – our world.
To ensure students are not disadvantaged by the hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bond University will support students by assessing applications based on their first semester Year 12 results.
Year 12 entry for 2021: How it works
1. Complete Bond’s direct online application, submitting results from your Semester 1 Year 12 report, as well as your Year 11 semester one and two results.
2. Bond University will assess your application and high school grades against the minimum entry requirements for Bond’s undergraduate* and diploma programs.
3. If you meet the entry requirements, you receive an offer that guarantees entry to Bond conditional on the completion of Year 12 and meeting any subject prerequisite requirements for your program.
4. When you successfully complete Year 12 and pass any prerequisite subjects, your offer becomes unconditional and you are officially a Bondy!
*Note: Bond’s Medical Program is excluded from these revised entry requirements.

Griffith University

Academic Bootcamps
Held in the school holidays, our Academic Bootcamps give students a distinct advantage in progressing through their senior studies. Designed and delivered by committed and enthusiastic lead teachers, who are specialists in the subject area and currently teaching these topics in schools. The Academic Bootcamps are specifically designed to assist students to:
• revise and consolidate knowledge in their subjects,
• increase confidence in preparing for exams
• provide invaluable tips on study skills and techniques specific to the subject
• experience their subject matter from a different perspective
• seek answers for specific queries and
• give students an extra edge in upcoming exams and assessments.
Year 11 Bootcamp Dates: 29 June – 3 July 2020 (Monday to Friday) – ONLINE ONLY – Register here:
Year 12 Bootcamp Dates: 28 September – 2 October 2020 (Monday to Friday) – ONLINE or ON CAMPUS (TBA) – Register here:

University of New England (UNE)

What makes UNE’s Early Entry Program so unique?
UNE’s Direct Early Entry program is not new and has been running successfully for more than 20 years. We understand that an ATAR is not the only measure of future success at university. Instead, our approach relies on the School’s/TAFE’s recommendation of the student, including the student’s personal attributes, ability to work and learn independently as well as their overall potential for academic success at UNE.

What is Early Entry?
Your students will be able to choose up to 3 course preferences in their free online application, which will be combined with:
• their academic performance;
• your school’s recommendation; and
• any extenuating circumstances that will be taken in to consideration.

A students’ ATAR will not be part of the assessment process so even your non-ATAR students can be included.
Students will receive their Offer directly from UNE in November. Even if the student does not meet minimum criteria for a degree offer, they will nevertheless receive a place in our Pathways program. UNE’s Pathways Enabling Course is free and will build their study skills and capability to get them into their course of choice.
Of course all students are encouraged to keep their options open and a UNE Direct Early Entry application does not exclude them from applying through UAC or to any other university.

Benefits of UNE Direct Early Entry
• Open to all year 12 students
• Apply directly to UNE online
• It’s free to apply
• ATAR is not required
• Know in early November that your students you have a place at UNE
• Students can still make another application via a Tertiary Admission Centre such as UAC or QTAC
• Most courses can be deferred
• Study fully online options available for most courses
• Study on-campus options available for most courses with affordable accommodation in our residential system.
Find out more about the program on UNE’s

Southern Cross University (SCU)

Some links to directly access their resources:

STAR Early Offer –
*please note there is a short ‘how to apply’ walkthrough video on here that can assist students who would like it step by step.

Resources download page – 2021 course guide, STAR, Transition to Uni, year 10 Going to Uni guide and Head-start brochures
*if you would like any hard copy course guides delivered/sent to you, please let us know.

Scholarships –

Transition to Uni –

Head-Start –

Liverpool Football Academy at Southern Cross Uni –


The Law Admission Test (LAT) is a professionally designed and scored selection test developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to assess the types of aptitudes and skills that are critical to success in tertiary Law programs. These aptitudes and skills include the ability to think critically, to analyse information, and to organise and express ideas in a clear and fluent way.
The LAT has been developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in conjunction with UNSW Law and is currently used for selection into undergraduate level programs in Law at UNSW Sydney.
The LAT 2020 will take place on Tuesday 29 September 2020.
Standard registrations for the LAT 2020 are now open and will close at 5:00pm AEST on Friday 14 August 2020.
Late registrations will also be accepted from 5:00pm AEST on Friday 14 August 2020 until 5:00pm AEST Wednesday 9 September 2020. A late registration fee applies to all applications completed during the late registration period. Test registrations will only be accepted during the published registration period; registrations will not be accepted after the late registration closing date under any circumstances.

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