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Here our Careers Guidance Counsellor Dr David Short provides the latest information on employment and higher education opportunities.



When will ATARs be released?

Your 2020 ATAR will be released by QTAC at 9am on 19 December 2020.


How can I receive/view my ATAR?

You can view it:

  • Online: You can view your ATAR by logging in to your ATAR Portal account.
  • By email. If you select the email option when you create your ATAR account, a single email with your ATAR will be sent to you on release date.
  • Print: Log in to the ATAR Portal to view your ATAR and to download and print a copy of your ATAR certificate.
  • Receiving the ATAR by text message is not an option.
  • ATAR notices will not be posted by mail to all students.


Am I still eligible for an ATAR if I don’t register on the QTAC ATAR portal?

Yes. If your QCAA QCE results make you eligible for an ATAR, then an ATAR will automatically be calculated.

Your ATAR result will, however, not be accessible through the ATAR Portal unless an ATAR account is set up.


Does TSS need to register students to have an ATAR issued?

No, it is the responsibility of the student to register by creating their own QTAC ATAR account in the ATAR Portal.  Schools can assist students through the process by making sure students have the correct login details and making them aware they should use a personal email, and not their school email address.


Where can I find the QTAC ATAR Portal?

The QTAC ATAR Portal can be found at:


Where can I find Trouble Shooting information to assist me in Accessing the ATAR Portal?

Trouble shooting information can be found half way down the page at:



Griffith University

Griffith University QTAC Offer Rounds

20th November, 2020 – Early Offers released

23rd December, 2020 – First round of Griffith QTAC offers

14th January, 2021 – Second round of Griffith QTAC offers & competitive courses

Further offer rounds continue through January and February 2021. Find all rounds here >>

Students completing the English Enhancement Bridging course will be eligible for two offer rounds in February 2021.


Frequently Unasked Questions Live Event – Students Edition

A virtual event for year 12 students to have their unasked questions answered by current Griffith students.

Students edition – 9th December 5.30pm – 6.15pm – students can register here >>


Options Event

An event for students to live chat with my team if they need advice or have any questions when they receive their ATAR in December.

This page also has a great table of key dates surrounding offer rounds and preferences changes.

Find out more here >>


Friday 18 December, for NSW/ACT students, 8 am—2 pm (AEST)

Saturday 19 December, 8 am —2 pm (AEST)

Monday 21 December, 9 am —2 pm (AEST)

Tuesday 22 December, 9 am —2 pm (AEST)

Wednesday 23 December, 9 am —2 pm (AEST)

Thursday 24 December, 9 am —12 pm (AEST)


Live Chat each weekday 3pm- 5pm

My team are currently staffing an online chat where students can chat to us live and have any questions answered.

The chat runs 3pm – 5pm each weekday.

Students can find the chat here >>


Didn’t study the right level of English at high school and want to study at Griffith?

The English Enhancement Course is a perfect for students who are planning to commence study at Griffith University in 2021 and need to boost their Year 12 Essential English to meet Griffith’s English subject prerequisite.

  • Costing students $150, the School Leaver English Enhancement course starts January 4, 2021 and runs over a 4-week intensive mode.

Campus Tours

Students can tour our campuses every Friday at 10.30am with their friends and family (up to 3 members per group booking)

Bookings can be made here >>


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

To offer greater certainty during a disrupted year QUT has revised the entry thresholds for some of our courses. Now more students will have the assurance of an offer if they are considering QUT.

For example, some design, health and education courses are now guaranteed at an ATAR or selection rank of 75.00, engineering at 82.00, business at 84.00 and law at 90.00. We have also updated offer guarantee thresholds for a wide range of double degrees. Your students can assess their eligibility for an offer as soon as they know their ATAR or selection rank.

Students can take advantage of the new thresholds in three steps:

  • check the updated offer guarantee  if they receive an ATAR or selection rank equal or higher than the offer guarantee, they are guaranteed a place in the course regardless of the final threshold determined in January
  • make sure they meet all other course requirements
  • order QTAC preferences to include the offer guarantee course they’re interested in studying.

Even if students don’t achieve the guaranteed ATAR or selection rank, they can still apply for the courses they are interested in. The final threshold for the course is determined in January and could be lower than the guarantee, so they may receive an offer.

Upgrading pathways are available if a student’s ATAR or selection rank isn’t high enough to gain entry to their chosen course.  Read more at:


University of Queensland (UQ)

The Bachelor of Design is a multi-disciplinary program that incorporates elements of business, IT, engineering, architecture and the humanities. Students will develop a flexible range of skills to succeed in almost any industry – from digital communication or industrial design to spatial and human-centred design.

The program offers a new take on design. Students will learn to challenge conventional thinking and bring a different mindset to business and societal problems. And they’ll graduate with the creativity and knowledge necessary to generate and design ideas for a better, more sustainable world.

We know from industry that these skills are in demand. This is the ideal program for students who are looking to cultivate specialist capabilities in problem identification, critical thinking, and designing for purpose and be ready to design for the future.

Students can specialise in one or two of the below majors that align with their preferred career pathway:

There is also an option to study this program as a dual degree through the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Design. 

This program has a guaranteed entry threshold of ATAR 86 for 2021.  For more information visit:

Southern Cross University (SCU)

Students who didn’t apply through the STAR Early Offer and wish to study at Southern Cross University can still apply direct to Southern Cross through our website with applications being assessed on their ATAR once released in December.

Congratulations again to all students and we look forward to welcoming them to Southern Cross University in 2021.



The University of Sydney

Start your journey

Join us on campus and online at Info Day.

Get course advice, your last-minute questions answered and experience the University of Sydney before finalising your preferences for entry.

We’ve designed the day for domestic Year 12 students, but we welcome family and friends, along with anyone interested in undergraduate study in 2021.

Register your interest at:


RMIT University

You haven’t let unpredictability stop you from nearing the finish line of Year 12. And that means nothing can stop you next year. Whether you dream of breaking the rules in engineering, changing lives in science or leading what’s next in tech, it’s your vision to achieve.

In December, you’ll have the chance to change your preference to get into the uni or TAFE course that will make your vision a reality. RMIT University will be offering lots of support during this time, including live chat, hotlines and information sessions that you can attend with your parents.

In the meantime, good luck for the rest of your exams. RMIT will be here to help you decide what’s next!  For more information:

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