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Habits of Mind Speech – Cooperate Together

This fortnight’s habit of mind is to ‘Cooperate together, work together to be more clever and powerful. Look after other people. Be compassionate and humble.’ When most people hear the word ‘cooperate’ they think of people working with each other. However we can go deeper into the meaning and discover that being more clever and powerful requires not just working with each other, but working well which will bring these components of being clever and powerful, looking after others and being compassionate and humble.

For example, in a rowing boat, when you’re taking each stroke you need to think and be clever as to how you follow the person in front of you, or think of the people behind you and consider what problems you could be causing them by doing something wrong like overreaching or changing timing by too much, which will conclude with oar collisions. A crew that works cleverly together will be much more powerful and will move the boat at a great pace.

To be compassionate is to feel sympathy and concern for others, if someone in one of your classes is struggling with something, if you show to them that you understand they’re perspective and that you’re wanting the best for them, a little help from you might help them better understand what it is you’re trying to help with, and possibly even give them more confidence in the task at hand which might not only bring them success but even yourself if you’re working alongside them.

Being humble is to be modest and not speak openly of your own importance or achievements, by being humble, everyone around you is the same as yourself, this means maybe in a group activity for example everyone is equal, no one is the ‘alpha’ and taking control, this can bring more ideas to the table or even confidence.

I hope my speech will help you all better cooperate with others.

Thank you.


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