GC 2018 Commonwealth Games and the 2018 TSS Calendar

Mr Andrew Hawkins – Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

I was reminded how fast time flies when I said to the staff last week that the Commonwealth Games will occur at the end of next term. Although Easter 2018 seems a long way from now I thought it was a good time to flag with the community how our calendar will be affected by the Games.

From a staff perspective, and our EBA, the calendar for 2018 had Anglican Schools working an extra week. This was always going to prove a challenge with our hours of duty. To add to the complication our campus has been completely booked out for the Games over the holidays as a training venue and also accommodation for 300 of the world’s best security guards employed internationally for events such as this. As the Closing Ceremony date is Sunday April 15 the guards being accommodated here at TSS, were going to be required to remain here until well after that date. Given the fact the Gold Coast streets are essentially in lock down during that period, logistically getting to school would prove problematic also.

It made sense then for TSS and St Hilda’s to consider extending our Easter break another week. This served a number of purposes. It solves our 2018 EBA issue, it solves the travel issues, and it also gives families a chance to attend the games or leave the coast for an extended period of time over Easter which falls on Sunday April 1 prior to the Games Opening Ceremony on Wednesday April 4. Soon after confirming the decision we received notification that no school buses will be in service from April 16 to April 20 helping us feel satisfied we have made the right call.

The start to Term 2 2018 won’t be without its challenges as Round 1 of the GPS for Football and Tennis will be on Saturday April 21 away verse Churchie, the weekend prior to Term starting. We envisage that boarders will return on Saturday that are involved in the Football fixture, with all other boarders returning Sunday April 22 in preparation for Day 1, Term 2 starting Monday, April 23. There will be no Student Free Day and boarder travel day at the start of Term 2, 2018. Anzac Day then falls on the Wednesday of Week 1, Term 2.

If you have any questions regarding the calendar for 2018 please do not hesitate to contact me on 55 319931 or andrew.hawkins@tss.qld.edu.au

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