Herschel Aloysius – Move out of your comfort zone – Public speaking tips and award winning speech

Herschel won his age group for his Speech and Variety performance this round. Here he offers some tips for moving out of your comfort zone and exploring your public speaking abilities.

His award winning speech follows.

Herschel Aloysius Year 8 – public speaking tips

Public speaking is something that is outside many people’s comfort zones, but there are ways to make it comfortable to do. People do get nervous when speaking in front of an audience, and that is fine. It happens to all of us. In my opinion, there are three ways to control that.

  • Be well prepared,
  • Strongly believe in your message,
  • Remember that the audience isn’t against you.

The other piece of advice I have to offer is that 5 minutes before starting the speech, concentrate on your main message that you want the audience to take away, and imagine yourself presenting the speech confidently. Reassure yourself that it is a well-researched speech and it will be interesting. And finally, take slow, deep breaths before you start, remembering that what you say is not nearly as important as how you say it and how the audience sees you. Good luck everyone in your presentations, remember these tips and public speaking will be a piece of cake!

Herschel Aloysius Year 8 – award winning speech

Failure is the Pillar of Success

Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself

Standing in the hall of fame.

And the world’s gonna know your name

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, failure is the pillar of success.  I strongly believe we all have greatness within us. Today I will tell you the keys to unlocking this greatness. It’s a given that we are destined to face challenges in life. It’s how we overcome those challenges that separate the strong from the weak.

The person who keeps on striving will eventually be crowned with success. dedicate yourself and stay dedicated through failures, and let them form the path to your success. Why so few follow this path to the end is that they don’t know that the failures lead them to success, not astray from it.

Success comes from passion, hard work, determination and a spirit that never gives up. Sometimes, when you try something new, it proves to be a failure. Never be frightened of this. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Even in the animal kingdom, this principle is valid.

I am sure everyone has seen an ant trying to climb a wall. It crawls up a few inches, slips and falls. But the ant goes on trying, and trying, to reach the top of the wall. A person watching gets bored and loses faith in the ant’s ability. But the ant does not. It keeps on trying until it reaches the top. Most successful people are those who have battled through the odds, persevered, and learn valuable lessons from their failures. In my opinion, the inability to learn to bounce back from your failures is a sure-fire path to mediocrity. After all, the mythical Phoenix always rises from the ashes doesn’t it? So why can’t we?

The world celebrates successes. But what you don’t see, is the many failures before the Victory. Take Milton Hershey for example. Most of you know of Hershey’s Chocolate,…  and how successful it is. But what you don’t know is how it got to where it is. The failures, such as bankruptcy, Failure due to competition, and his family writing him off as irresponsible and a failure were all factors contributing towards his success. Failures are the pillars of success, ladies and gentlemen.

Failures set us up for our future. In the Hershey’s example, his failed companies were just stepping stones to his success. Failures reveal our weaknesses and problematic areas which we need to fix. It teaches us to be more decisive. We can create a guideline for future courses of action. Basically, failure gives us a better chance of success in our next endeavour.

Pessimism shouldn’t be the result of failures. Pessimism is a roadblock on the road to success, while failures are part of what makes up the road itself. Failures act as a ray of hope, showing progress rather than regress. Criticism should not be dealt out for failures, and if it is, one should not be afraid. One who is afraid to get criticized, will never get recognised. An example of this is the famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was a bodybuilder when he was young, and trained to eventually become Austria’s youngest ‘Mr Universe.’ He moved to America and auditioned many times to be an actor, but was turned down every time. They said he looked like a monster and had a voice like a machine. But Schwarzenegger didn’t let these criticisms and failures bring him down, instead, he let them pave the way to his success in films such as Terminator.

One who has not experienced failures doesn’t know of success. A well-known example is Thomas Edison. His teachers at school told him that he was too stupid to learn anything. He was fired from 2 jobs for being unproductive. As an inventor, he unsuccessfully attempted inventing the light bulb over 1000 times before succeeding. A reporter asked him how he felt about that. He replied, ‘I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was a 1000 step invention.’ This is proof of what I have been saying to you.

While failures are stepping stones to success, you cannot give up and just wait for success to come to you, you must get up and keep going. They are only stepping stones, not the actual success. One shouldn’t let failure make them give up, as Denzel Washington stated, ‘fall down, 7 times, get up 8.’ He was saying that failure shouldn’t bring you down.

Failure is a pillar of success, a stepping stone that brings out character. Thus, goes the ancient saying, “to be a champion, fight one more round.”. It’s better to be in the ring having a go, even if you fail, than to stand on the sidelines frightened of trying because you fear failure. So, get in there and have a go. Don’t ever let fear of failure hold you back. It is what makes up the road to success. If we are not afraid of failure we can change the world. In closing I will leave you to ponder on this statement by Robert F Kennedy. Only those who dare to fail greatly, will ever achieve greatly.

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